Design and Deployment of a Personalized News Service

  • Mark Stefik PARC
  • Lange Good Google, Inc.


From 2008-2010 we built an experimental personalized news system where readers subscribe to organized channels of topical information that are curated by experts. AI technology was employed to efficiently present the right information to each reader and to radically reduce the workload of curators. The system went through three implementation cycles and processed over 20 million news stories from about 12,000 RSS feeds on over 8000 topics organized by 160 curators for over 600 registered readers. This paper describes the approach, engineering and AI technology of the system.

Author Biographies

Mark Stefik, PARC
Research fellow.
Lange Good, Google, Inc.
Software engineer.
How to Cite
Stefik, M., & Good, L. (2012). Design and Deployment of a Personalized News Service. AI Magazine, 33(2), 28.