Ten Years of AAMAS: Introduction to the Special Issue

  • Liz Sonenberg University of Melbourne
  • Peter Stone University of Texas at Austin
  • Kagan Tumer Oregon State University
  • Pinar Yolum Bogazici University


The articles in this special issue have been specifically commissioned to provide a snapshot of current activity in the autonomous agents and multiagent systems communities.

Author Biographies

Liz Sonenberg, University of Melbourne
Professor of Information Systems, Department of Computing and Information Systems
Peter Stone, University of Texas at Austin
Associate professor, Department of Computer Sciences
Kagan Tumer, Oregon State University
Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
Pinar Yolum, Bogazici University
Professor, Department of Computer Engineering
How to Cite
Sonenberg, L., Stone, P., Tumer, K., & Yolum, P. (2012). Ten Years of AAMAS: Introduction to the Special Issue. AI Magazine, 33(3), 11. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v33i3.2423