Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation

  • Franziska Klügl Orebro University
  • Ana L. C. Bazzan Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul


This article gives an introduction to agent-based modeling and simulation (ABMS). After a general discussion about modeling and simulation, we address the basic concept of ABMS, focusing on its generative and bottom-up nature, its advantages as well as its pitfalls. The subsequent part of the article deals with application-oriented aspects, including selected tools and well-known applications. In order to illustrate the benefits of using ABMS, we focus on several aspects of a well-known area related to simulation of complex systems, namely traffic. At the end, a brief look into future challenges is given.
How to Cite
Klügl, F., & Bazzan, A. L. C. (2012). Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation. AI Magazine, 33(3), 29.