A Virtual Archive for the History of AI

  • Bruce G. Buchanan University of Pittsburgh
  • Joshua Eckroth The Ohio State University
  • Reid Smith Marathon Oil Corporation
Keywords: Keywords = history, history of AI, virtual archive, information portal, classic publications, foundations


Publications that have influenced the growth of artificial intelligence are often difficult to obtain.  We first collected titles of several thousand publications from many well-known sources and then selected about 1850 titles considered to be especially influential.  We have identified, and in a few cases created, online versions of about half of these “classics in AI.”  Searchable text of the documents enables additional analysis of trends and influences.  Integration into the rest of the AITopics information portal contextualizes the classic publications.

Author Biography

Bruce G. Buchanan, University of Pittsburgh

Departments of Computer Science, Philosophy, and Medicine Professor Emeritus

How to Cite
Buchanan, B. G., Eckroth, J., & Smith, R. (2013). A Virtual Archive for the History of AI. AI Magazine, 34(2), 86. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v34i2.2455