Reports on the 2012 AIIDE Workshops

  • Oliver Bown University of Sydney
  • Arne Eigenfeldt Simon Fraser University
  • Rania Hodhod Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Philippe Pasquier Simon Fraser University
  • Reid Swanson University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Stephen G. Ware North Carolina State University
  • Jichen Zhu Drexel University


The 2012 AIIDE Conference included four workshops: Artificial Intelligence in Adversarial Real-Time Games, Human Computation in Deigital Entertainment and AI for Serious Games, Intelligent Narrative Technologies, and Musican Metacreation. The workshops took place October 8-9, 2012 at Stanford University. This report contains summaries of the activities of those four workshops.
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Bown, O., Eigenfeldt, A., Hodhod, R., Pasquier, P., Swanson, R., Ware, S. G., & Zhu, J. (2012). Reports on the 2012 AIIDE Workshops. AI Magazine, 34(1), 90.
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