The International 
General Game Playing Competition

  • Michael Genesereth  Stanford University
  • Yngvi Björnsson Reykjavik University


Games have played a prominent role as a test-bed for advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence ever since its foundation over half a century ago, resulting in highly specialized world-class game-playing systems being developed for various games. The establishment of the International General Game Playing Competition in 2005, however, resulted in a renewed interest in more general problem solving approaches to game playing. In general game playing (GGP) the goal is to create game-playing systems that autonomously learn how to skillfully play a wide variety of games, given only the descriptions of the game rules. In this paper we review the history of the competition, discuss progress made so far, and list outstanding research challenges.
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Genesereth, M., & Björnsson, Y. (2013). The International 
General Game Playing Competition. AI Magazine, 34(2), 107.
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