Serious Games Get Smart: Intelligent Game-Based Learning Environments

  • James C. Lester North Carolina State University
  • Eun Y. Ha North Carolina State University
  • Seung Y. Lee North Carolina State University
  • Bradford W. Mott North Carolina State University
  • Jonathan P. Rowe North Carolina State University
  • Jennifer L. Sabourin North Carolina State University


Intelligent game-based learning environments integrate commercial game technologies with AI methods from intelligent tutoring systems and intelligent narrative technologies. This article introduces the CRYSTAL ISLAND intelligent game-based learning environment, which has been under development in the authors’ laboratory for the past seven years. After presenting CRYSTAL ISLAND, the principal technical problems of intelligent game-based learning environments are discussed: narrative-centered tutorial planning, student affect recognition, student knowledge modeling, and student goal recognition. Solutions to these problems are illustrated with research conducted with the CRYSTAL ISLAND learning environment.
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Lester, J. C., Ha, E. Y., Lee, S. Y., Mott, B. W., Rowe, J. P., & Sabourin, J. L. (2013). Serious Games Get Smart: Intelligent Game-Based Learning Environments. AI Magazine, 34(4), 31-45.