The Reinforcement Learning Competition 2014

  • Christos Dimitrakakis Chalmers University of Technology
  • Guangliang Li University of Amsterdam
  • Nikoalos Tziortziotis University of Ioannina


Reinforcement learning is one of the most general problems in artificial intelligence. It has been used to model problems in automated experiment design, control, economics, game playing, scheduling and telecommunications. The aim of the reinforcement learning competition is to encourage the development of very general learning agents for arbitrary reinforcement learning problems and to provide a test-bed for the unbiased evaluation of algorithms.

Author Biographies

Christos Dimitrakakis, Chalmers University of Technology
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Guangliang Li, University of Amsterdam
Informatics Institute
Nikoalos Tziortziotis, University of Ioannina
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
How to Cite
Dimitrakakis, C., Li, G., & Tziortziotis, N. (2014). The Reinforcement Learning Competition 2014. AI Magazine, 35(3), 61-65.
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