Enhanced Telemetry Monitoring with Novelty Detection

  • José-Antonio Martínez-Heras Black Hat S.L.
  • Alessandro Donati Black Hat S.L.


Typically, automatic telemetry monitoring in space operations is performed by Out-of-Limits (OOL) alarms. This approach consists of defining an upper and lower threshold so that when a measurement goes above the upper limit or below the lower one, an alarm is triggered. We discuss the limitations of the Out-Of-Limits approach and propose a new monitoring paradigm based on novelty detection. The proposed monitoring approach can detect novel behaviors, which are often signatures of anomalies, very early — allowing engineers in some cases to react before the anomaly develops. A prototype implementing this monitoring approach has been implemented and applied to several ESA missions. The operational assessment from the XMM-Newton operations team is presented.
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Martínez-Heras, J.-A., & Donati, A. (2014). Enhanced Telemetry Monitoring with Novelty Detection. AI Magazine, 35(4), 37-46. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v35i4.2553