The Dialog State Tracking Challenge Series

  • Jason D. Williams Microsoft Corporation
  • Matthew Henderson Cambridge University
  • Antoine Raux Lenovo Labs
  • Blaise Thomson VocalIQ, Ltd
  • Alan Black Carnegie Mellon University
  • Deepak Ramachandran Nuance Communications, Inc.


In spoken dialog systems, dialog state tracking refers to the task of correctly inferring the user's goal at a given turn, given all of the dialog history up to that turn. The Dialog State Tracking Challenge is a research community challenge task that has run for three rounds. The challenge has given rise to a host of new methods for dialog state tracking, and also deeper understandings about the problem itself, including methods for evaluation.
How to Cite
Williams, J. D., Henderson, M., Raux, A., Thomson, B., Black, A., & Ramachandran, D. (2014). The Dialog State Tracking Challenge Series. AI Magazine, 35(4), 121-124.
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