The 2014 International Planning Competition: Progress and Trends

  • Mauro Vallati University of Huddersfield
  • Lukas Chrpa University of Huddersfield
  • Marek Grześ University of Kent
  • Thomas Leo McCluskey University of Huddersfield
  • Mark Roberts Naval Research Laboratory
  • Scott Sanner NICTA
  • Managing Editor AAAI
Keywords: automated planning, planning competition


We review the 2014 International Planning Competition (IPC-2014), the eighth in a series of competitions starting in 1998. IPC-2014 was held in three separate parts to assess state-of-the-art in three prominent areas of planning research: the deterministic (classical) part (IPCD), the learning part (IPCL), and the probabilistic part (IPPC). Each part evaluated planning systems in ways that pushed the edge of existing planner performance by introducing new challenges, novel tasks, or both. The competition surpassed again the number of competitors than its predecessor, highlighting the competition’s central role in shaping the landscape of ongoing developments in evaluating planning systems.
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Vallati, M., Chrpa, L., Grześ, M., McCluskey, T. L., Roberts, M., Sanner, S., & Editor, M. (2015). The 2014 International Planning Competition: Progress and Trends. AI Magazine, 36(3), 90-98.
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