AI in Switzerland

  • Jean-Daniel Dessimoz West Switzerland University of Applied Sciences
  • Jana Koehler University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Thilo Stadelmann Zurich University of Applied Science


Although Switzerland is a small country, it is home to many internationally renowned universities and scientific institutions. The research landscape in Switzerland is rich, and AI-related themes are investigated by many teams under diverse umbrellas. This column sheds some light on selected developments and trends on AI in Switzerland as perceived by members of the Special Interest group on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (SGAICO) organizational team, which has brought together researchers from Switzerland interested in AI and cognitive science for over 30 years.
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Dessimoz, J.-D., Koehler, J., & Stadelmann, T. (2015). AI in Switzerland. AI Magazine, 36(2), 102-105.
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