Reports on the 2015 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

Nitin Agarwal, Sean Andrist, Dan Bohus, Fei Fang, Laurie Fenstermacher, Lalana Kagal, Takashi Kido, Christopher Kiekintveld, W. F. Lawless, Huan Liu, Andrew McCallum, Hemant Purohit, Oshani Seneviratne, Keiki Takadama, Gavin Taylor


The AAAI 2015 Spring Symposium Series was held Monday through Wednesday, March 23-25, at Stanford University near Palo Alto, California. The titles of the seven symposia were Ambient Intelligence for Health and Cognitive Enhancement, Applied Computational Game Theory, Foundations of Autonomy and Its (Cyber) Threats: From Individuals to Interdependence, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: Integrating Symbolic and Neural Approaches, Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning, Socio-Technical Behavior Mining: From Data to Decisions, Structured Data for Humanitarian Technologies: Perfect Fit or Overkill? and Turn-Taking and Coordination in Human-Machine Interaction.The highlights of each symposium are presented in this report.

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