Symbiotic Cognitive Computing

Robert G. Farrell, Jonathan Lenchner, Jeffrey O. Kephjart, Alan M. Webb, MIchael J. Muller, Thomas D. Erikson, David O. Melville, Rachel K.E. Bellamy, Daniel M. Gruen, Jonathan H. Connell, Danny Soroker, Andy Aaron, Shari M. Trewin, Maryam Ashoori, Jason B. Ellis, Brian P. Gaucher, Dario Gil


IBM Research is engaged in a research program in symbiotic cognitive computing to investigate how to embed cognitive computing in physical spaces. This article proposes 5 key principles of symbiotic cognitive computing.  We describe how these principles are applied in a particular symbiotic cognitive computing environment and in an illustrative application.  


cognitive environment, symbiosis, multi agent systems, cognitive computing, user experience, decision making, meetings, muti-modal interaction

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