A Report on the Ninth International Web Rule Symposium

  • Adrian Paschke AG Corporate Semantic Web


The annual International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML) is an international conference on research, applications, languages and standards for rule technologies. RuleML is a leading conference to build bridges between academe and industry in the field of rules and its applications, especially as part of the semantic technology stack. It is devoted to rule-based programming and rule-based systems including production rules systems, logic programming rule engines, and business rule engines/business rule management systems; semantic web rule languages and rule standards; rule-based event processing languages (EPLs) and technologies; and research on inference rules, transformation rules, decision rules, production rules, and ECA rules. The 9th International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML 2015) was held in Berlin, Germany, August 2-5. This report summarizes the events of that conference.
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Paschke, A. (2016). A Report on the Ninth International Web Rule Symposium. AI Magazine, 37(1), 105-106. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v37i1.2634
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