Humans and Machines in the Evolution of AI in Korea

  • Byoung-Tak Zhang Seoul National University


Artificial intelligence in Korea is currently prospering. The media is regularly reporting AI-enabled products such as smart advisors, personal robots, autonomous cars, and human-level intelligence machines. The IT industry is investing in deep learning and AI to maintain the global competitive edge in their services and products. The Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning (MSIP) has launched new funding programs in AI and cognitive science to implement the government’s newly adopted endeavor of building a “Creative Economy” and “Software Centric Society”. However, AI was not always flourishing as it is now. Similar to the history of AI worldwide, AI research and industry in Korea have faced both the ups and downs in its history.
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Zhang, B.-T. (2016). Humans and Machines in the Evolution of AI in Korea. AI Magazine, 37(2), 108-112.
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