Grounding and Solving in Answer Set Programming

  • Benjamin Kaufmann University of Potsdam
  • Nicola Leone University of Calabria
  • Simona Perri University of Calabria
  • Torsten Schaub University of Potsdam


Answer set programming is a declarative problem solving paradigm that rests upon a workflow involving modeling, grounding, and solving. While the former is described by Gebser and Schaub (2016), we focus here on key issues in grounding, or how to systematically replace object variables by ground terms in a effective way, and solving, or how to compute the answer sets of a propositional logic program obtained by grounding.
How to Cite
Kaufmann, B., Leone, N., Perri, S., & Schaub, T. (2016). Grounding and Solving in Answer Set Programming. AI Magazine, 37(3), 25-32.