Building AI Applications: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

  • Reid G. Smith i2kconnect
  • Joshua Eckroth Stetson University


AI applications have been deployed and used for industrial, government, and consumer purposes for many years. The experiences have been documented in IAAI conference proceedings since 1989. Over the years, the breadth of applications has expanded many times over and AI systems have become more commonplace. Indeed, AI has recently become a focal point in the industrial and consumer consciousness. This article focuses on changes in the world of computing over the last three decades that made building AI applications more feasible. We then examine lessons learned during this time and distill these lessons into succinct advice for future application builders.
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Smith, R. G., & Eckroth, J. (2017). Building AI Applications: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. AI Magazine, 38(1), 6-22.