Ask Me Anything about MOOCs

  • Doug Fisher Vanderbilt University.
  • Charles Isbell Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Michael L. Littman Brown University
  • Michael Wollowski Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Todd W. Neller Gettysburg College
  • Jim Boerkoel Harvey Mudd College


In this article, ten questions about MOOCs (crowdsourced from the recipients of the AAAI and SIGCSE mailing lists) were posed by editors Michael Wollowski, Todd Neller, James Boerkoel to Douglas H. Fisher, Charles Isbell Jr., and Michael Littman — educators with unique, relevant experiences to lend their perspective on those issues.
How to Cite
Fisher, D., Isbell, C., Littman, M. L., Wollowski, M., Neller, T. W., & Boerkoel, J. (2017). Ask Me Anything about MOOCs. AI Magazine, 38(2), 7-12.