The 2016 Computational Analogy Workshop at ICCBR

  • Joseph Blass Northwestern University
  • Tesca Fitzgerald Georgia Institute of Technology


Computational analogy and case-based reasoning (CBR) are closely related research areas. Both employ prior cases to reason in complex situations with incomplete information. Analogy research often focuses on modeling human cognitive processes, the structural alignment between a base/source and target, and adaptation/abstraction of the analogical source content. While CBR research also deals with alignment and adaptation, the field tends to focus more on retrieval, case-base maintenance, and pragmatic solutions to real-world problems. However, despite their obvious overlap in research goals and approaches, cross communication and collaboration between these areas has been progressively diminishing. CBR and computational analogy researchers stand to benefit greatly from increased exposure to each other's work and greater cross-pollination of ideas. The objective of this workshop is to promote such communication by bringing together researchers from the two areas, to foster new collaborative endeavors, to stimulate new ideas and avoid reinventing old ones.
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Blass, J., & Fitzgerald, T. (2017). The 2016 Computational Analogy Workshop at ICCBR. AI Magazine, 38(4), 91-92.
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