Goal Reasoning: Foundations, Emerging Applications, and Prospects

  • David W. Aha NRL


Goal reasoning (GR) has a bright future as a foundation for the research and development of intelligent agents. GR is the study of agents that can deliberate on and self-select their goals/objectives, which is a desirable capability for some applications of deliberative autonomy. While studied in diverse AI sub-communities for multiple applications, our group has focused on how GR can play a key role for controlling autonomous systems. Thus, its importance is rapidly growing and it merits increased attention, particularly from the perspective of research on AI safety. In this article, I introduce GR, briefly relate it to other AI topics, summarize some of our group’s work on GR foundations and emerging applications, and describe some current and future research directions.

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Aha, D. W. (2018). Goal Reasoning: Foundations, Emerging Applications, and Prospects. AI Magazine, 39(2), 3-24. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v39i2.2800