Why People Think Computers Can't

  • Marvin L. Minsky


Today, surrounded by so many automatic machines industrial robots, and the R2-D2's of Star wars movies, most people think AI is much more advanced than it is. But still, many "computer experts" don’t believe that machines will ever "really think." I think those specialists are too used to explaining that there's nothing inside computers but little electric currents. This leads them to believe that there can’t be room left for anything else- like minds, or selves. And there are many other reasons why so many experts still maintain that machines can never be creative, intuitive, or emotional, and will never really think, believe, or understand anything. This essay explains why they are wrong.
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Minsky, M. L. (1982). Why People Think Computers Can’t. AI Magazine, 3(4), 3. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v3i4.376