Knowledge Programming in Loops

  • Mark Stefik
  • Daniel G. Bobrow
  • Sanjay Mittal


Early this year fifty people took an experimental course at Xerox PARC on knowledge programming in Loops. During the course, they extended and debugged small knowledge systems in a simulated economics domain called Truckin. Everyone learned how to use the environment Loops, formulated the knowledge for their own program, and represented it in Loops. At the end of the course a knowledge competition was run so that the strategies used in the different systems could be compared. The punchline to this story is that almost everyone learned enough about Loops to complete a small knowledge system in only three days. Although one must exercise caution in extrapolating from small experiments, the results suggest that there is substantial power in integrating multiple programming paradigms.
How to Cite
Stefik, M., Bobrow, D. G., & Mittal, S. (1983). Knowledge Programming in Loops. AI Magazine, 4(3), 3.