GLISP: A Lisp-Based Programming System with Data Abstraction

  • Gordon S. Novak


GLISP is a high-level language that is complied into LISP. It provides a versatile abstract-data-type facility with hierarchical inheritance of properties and object-centered programming. GLISP programs are shorter and more readable than equivalent LISP programs. The object code produced by GLISP is optimized, making it about as efficient as handwritten Lisp. An integrated programming environment is provided, including automatic incremental compilation, interpretive programming features, and an intelligent display-based inspector/editor for data and data-type descriptions. GLISP code is relatively portable; the compiler and data inspector are implemented for most major dialects of LISP and are available free or at nominal cost.
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Novak, G. S. (1983). GLISP: A Lisp-Based Programming System with Data Abstraction. AI Magazine, 4(3), 37.