What Should Artificial Intelligence Want from the Supercomputers?

  • Jon Doyle


While some proposals for supercomputers increase the powers of existing machines like CDC and Cray supercomputers, others suggest radical changes of architecture to speed up non-traditional operations such as logical inference in PROLOG, recognition/ action in production systems, or message passing. We examine the case of parallel PROLOG to identify several related computations which subsume those of parallel PROLOG, but which have much wider interest, and which may have roughly the same difficulty of mechanization. Similar considerations apply to some other proposed architectures as well, raising the possibility that current efforts may be limiting their aims unnecessarily.
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Doyle, J. (1983). What Should Artificial Intelligence Want from the Supercomputers?. AI Magazine, 4(4), 33. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v4i4.415