STEAMER: An Interactive Inspectable Simulation-Based Training System

  • James D. Hollan
  • Edwin L. Hutchins
  • Louis Weitzman


The Steamer project is a research effort concerned with exploring the use of AI software and hardware technologies in the implementation of intelligent computer-based training systems. While the project addressed a host of research issues ranging from how people understand complex dynamic systems to the use of intelligent graphical interfaces, it is focused around the construction of a system to assist in propulsion engineering instruction. The purpose of this article is to discuss the underlying ideas which motivated us to initiate the Steamer effort, describe the current status of the project, provide a glimpse of our planned directions for the future, and discuss the implications of Steamer for AI applications in other instructional domains.
How to Cite
Hollan, J. D., Hutchins, E. L., & Weitzman, L. (1984). STEAMER: An Interactive Inspectable Simulation-Based Training System. AI Magazine, 5(2), 15.