Center for the Study of Language and Information Research Program on Situated Language

  • Elizabeth Macken


Founded early in 1983, the center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI) at Stanford University grew out of a long-standing collaboration between scientists at research laboratories in the Palo Alto area and the faculty and students of several Stanford University departments and out of a need for an institutional focus for this work on natural and computer languages. At present, CSLI has 17 senior members and about as many associate members, from SRI International, Xerox PARC, Fairchild, and the Department of Computer Science, Linguistics, and Philosophy at Stanford. Since the Center's research will overlap with the work of other researchers around the world, an important goal of CSLI is to initiate a major outreach, whereby members of CSLI both inform themselves of work done elsewhere and share their own results with others.
Workshop Reports