Intelligent Tools:The Cornerstone of a New Civilization

  • Hassan Ghandchi
  • Jean Ghandchi


The following article briefly describes the development of tools and knowledge in human history and states that these two phenomena co-exist only in intelligent tolls. It focuses on the productive merits of the past intelligent tools and discusses the social and biohuman). Moreover, since the human beings were unable to produce an intelligent tool capable of outperforming man as a tool, the tech nological basis of slavery continued to persist throughout history. The article then examines the current achievements of computer technology in producing intelligent tools. It argues that the production of intelligent tools makes it possible to bypass the social and natural limitations of all past intelligent tools. Once these tools outperform humans as intelligent tools, man will no longer be indispensable as a production tool. Consequently, the inception of these new tools eradicates the technological basis of the subjugation of man by man. This eradication may start a new civilization by effecting higher human intelligence, more economic wealth and greater socio-political freedom in man's future society.
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