Online, Artificial Intelligence-Based Turbine Generator Diagnostics

  • Robert L. Osborne


The development of an online turbine generator diagnostic system is described from conception to initial field verification. The system is composed of a data center located in the power plant that collects data from online measurement devices and communicates these data to a centralized diagnostic facility in Orlando, Florida, where the actual diagnosis is done. The resulting diagnosis and recommended actions are transmitted to the power plant where they are displayed to the operator by the data center. The market-place need, initial approaches to the product, system field verification are described. The artificial intelligence (AI) diagnostic program has been diagnosing seven large utility generators since July 1984 and has correctly diagnosed a significant number of generator and instrumentation problems. Issues such as a centralized approach, rule base quality control, and the range of resources needed for a successful product are discussed.
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Osborne, R. L. (1986). Online, Artificial Intelligence-Based Turbine Generator Diagnostics. AI Magazine, 7(4), 97.