A Knowledge-Based Consultant for Financial Marketing

  • John Kastner
  • Chidanand Apte
  • James Griesmer


This article describes an effort to develop a knowledge-based financial marketing consultant system. Financial marketing is an excellent vehicle for both research and application in artificial intelligence (AI). This domain differs from the great majority of previous expert system domains in that there are no well-defined answers (in traditional sense); the goal here is to obtain satisfactory arguments to support the conclusions made. A large OPS5-based system was implemented as an initial prototype. We present the organization and principles underlying this system and offer our ongoing research directions. The experience gained in the initial prototyping effort is currently being used to further expert systems research and to develop an extensive system that ultimately can be used by the marketing organization.
How to Cite
Kastner, J., Apte, C., & Griesmer, J. (1986). A Knowledge-Based Consultant for Financial Marketing. AI Magazine, 7(5), 71. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v7i5.567
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