Expert Systems: How Far Can They Go? Part One

  • Randall Davis


A panel session at the 1989 International Joint Conference on artificial intelligence in Los Angeles dealt with the subject of knowledge-based systems; the session was entitled "Expert Systems: How Far Can They Go?" The panelists included Randall Davis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Stuart Dreyfus (University of California at Berkeley); Brian Smith (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center); and Terry Winograd (Stanford University), chairman. The article begins with Winograd's original charge to the panel, followed by lightly edited transcripts of the panel's remarks. Part 1 includes presentations from Winograd and Dreyfus. Part 2, which will appear in the Summer 1989 issue, includes presentations from Smith and Davis and concludes with the panel discussion. Although three years have passed since this session took place, the issues raised and the points discussed are no less relevant today.
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Davis, R. (1989). Expert Systems: How Far Can They Go? Part One. AI Magazine, 10(1), 61.