Integration of Problem-Solving Techniques in Agriculture

  • A. Dale Whittaker
  • Ronald H. Thieme


Problem-solving techniques such as modeling, simulation, optimization, and network analysis have been used extensively to help agricultural scientists and practitioners understand and control biological systems. By their nature, most of these systems are difficult to quantitatively define. Many of the models and simulations that have been developed lack a user interface which enables people other than the developer to use them. As a result, several scientists are integrating knowledge-based- system (KBS) technology with conventional problem-solving techniques to increase the robustness and usability of their systems. To investigate the similarities and differences of leading scientists' approaches, a pioneer workshop, supported by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and the Knowledge Systems Area of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, was held in San Antonio, Texas, on 10-12 August 1988. Part of the AAAI Applied Workshop Series, the meeting was intended to bring together researchers and practitioners active in applying AI concepts to agricultural problems.
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Whittaker, A. D., & Thieme, R. H. (1989). Integration of Problem-Solving Techniques in Agriculture. AI Magazine, 10(2), 85.
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