Research in Progress at the Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California

  • Robert Balzer
  • Lee Erman
  • Martin Feather
  • Neil Goldman
  • Philip London
  • David Wile
  • David Wilczynski
  • Robert Lingard
  • William Mark
  • William Mann
  • James Moore
  • Mel Pirtle
  • David Dyer
  • William Rizzi
  • Danny Cohen
  • Jeff Barnett
  • Iris Kameny
  • Yechiam Yemini


ISI is an off-campus research center in the University of Southern California's School of Engineering. The Institute engages in a broad set of research and application oriented projects in the computer sciences, ranging from advanced research efforts aimed at producing new concepts to operation of a major Arpanet computer facility.
Workshop Reports