What AI Can Do for Battle Management: A Report of the First AAAI Workshop on AI Applications to Battle Management

R. Peter Bonasso


The following is a synopsis of the findings of the first AAAI Workshop on AI Applications to Battle Management held at the University of Washington, 16 July 1987. The workshop organizer, Pete Bonasso, sent a point paper to a number of invited presenters giving his opinion of what AI could and could not do for battle management. This paper served as a focus for the workshop presentations and discussions and was augmented by the workshop presentations; it can also serve as a roadmap of topics for future workshops. AI can provide battle management with such capabilities as sensor data fusion and adaptive simulations. Also, several key needs in battle management will be AI research topics for years to come, such as understanding free text and inferencing in real time. Finally, there are several areas -- cooperating systems and terrain reasoning, for example -- where, given some impetus, AI might be able to provide help in the near future.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v9i3.945

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