Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

  • Tod Levitt


The Fourth Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence workshop was held 19-21 August 1988. The workshop featured significant developments in application of theories of representation and reasoning under uncertainty. A recurring idea at the workshop was the need to examine uncertainty calculi in the context of choosing representation, inference, and control methodologies. The effectiveness of these choices in AI systems tends to be best considered in terms of specific problem areas. These areas include automated planning, temporal reasoning, computer vision, medical diagnosis, fault detection, text analysis, distributed systems, and behavior of nonlinear systems. Influence diagrams are emerging as a unifying representation, enabling tool development. Interest and results in uncertainty in AI are growing beyond the capacity of a workshop format.
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Levitt, T. (1988). Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence. AI Magazine, 9(4), 77. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v9i4.957
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