Research in Progress in Robotics at Stanford University

  • Tom Binford
  • John McCarthy


The Robotics Project (the "Hand-Eye Project") evolved within the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory under the guidance of John McCarthy, Les Earnest, Jerry Feldman, and Tom Binford. Major efforts have been undertaken to isolate and solve fundamental problems in computer vision, manipulation, and autonomous vehicles. Generalized cones were introduced for modeling the geometry of 3-dimensional objects, and programs were constructed which learned structural descriptions of objects from laser-ranging data ("structured light"). Stereo vision and texture have been examined. Several generations of robot programming languages have resulted in AL, an intermediate-level language for commanding manipulation. A computer-controlled roving vehicle ("the cart") detected obstacles (using 9-eyed stereo) and planned paths to avoid them.
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Binford, T., & McCarthy, J. (1981). Research in Progress in Robotics at Stanford University. AI Magazine, 2(1), 27.
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