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Chaudhri, Vinay
Chaudhri, Vinay K., SRI International
Chaudri, Vinay
Chaudron, Laurent
Chauvet, Jean-Marie
Chaw, Shaw Yi
Chaw, Shaw-Yi, University of Texas at Austin
Cheetham, William
Cheetham, William E., Capital District Physicians' Health Plan
Cheetham, William, General Electric Global Research Center
Cheetham, William E.
Cheikes, Brant A.
Chella, Antonio, University of Palermo
Chen, Huajun
Chen, Hung-Hsuan, Industrial Technology Research Institute
Chen, Jie, Peking University
Chen, Li, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Chen, Tony
Chen, Yiling, Harvard University
Chen, Yiling
Chen, Yiran, Duke University
Cheng, Britte, SRI International
Cheng, Chun Hung
Cherniak, Christopher
Chernova, Sonia, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Chernova, Sonia
Chernova, Sonia, Worcester Polytechnic Institut (United States)
Chesani, Federico, University of Bologna
Chevaleyre, Yann, LAMSADE, Université Paris-Dauphine
Cheyer, Adam
Chhaya, Niyati, Adobe Research, Bangalore
Chi, Chi-hung, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Chien, Steve A., Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Chien, Steve
Chien, Steve, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA (United States)
Chin, David N.
Chiniforooshan, E.
Chiniforooshan, Ehsan
Chitsaz, H.
Chitsaz, Hamidreza
Chklovski, Timothy
Chmait, Nader, Monash University
Cho, Bongham
Cho, Bonghan
Chodorow, Martin
Choi, Hyung Rim
Choi, Soo Yeoul
Chomicki, Jan, University of Buffalo
Choo, Soo-Yong
Choudhury, Ranzeem, Dartmouth College

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