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Cohn, David
Colby, Kenneth Mark
Coles, Amanda, King’s College London
Coles, Andrew, King’s College London
Collins, Gregg
Collins, John
Collins, John, University of Minnesota (United States)
Collins, Samuel G.
Collins, Samuel G., Towson University (United States)
Collins, Thomas
Colombano, Silvano
Colton, Simon, Imperial College
Colton, Simon, Imperial College, London
Coman, Alexandra, Naval Research Laboratory
Comello, Jerome
Compton, Michael
Compton, Paul, University of New South Wales
Conati, Cristina, University of British Columbia
Congdon, Clare
Conitzer, Vincent, Duke University
Conley, Ken
Connell, Jonathan H., IBM Research
Conrad, Jack, Thomson Reuters
Consi, Tom
Constantin, Florin, Georgia Institute of Technology
Conte, Rosaria
Contreras-Vidal, Jose L., University of Houston
Converse, Sarah, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Conway, Lynn
Cook, Diane J.
Cook, Diane J., Washington State University (United States)
Cook, Michael, Goldsmiths, University of London
Cook, Michael, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Cook, Michael, Goldsmiths College London
Coombs, David
Coop, Robert, University of Tennessee
Coradeschi, Silvia
Corby, Olivier
Corcho, Oscar
Corkill, Daniel G.
Corkill, Daniel
Corsar, David, University of Aberdeen
Cortés, Juan, University of Toulouse
Cortellessa, Gabriella, ISTC-CNR
Cortes, U.
Costa, Paulo
Cotter, Paul, ChangingWorlds
Cotter, Paul
Cottini, Matthew A.
Coulter, Karen J.

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