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Weng, Juyang
Weng, Paul, Pierre and Marie Curie University
Wenke, Dirk
Werger, Barry Brian
Wermter, Stefan
West, David M.
West, Patrick, National Center for Atmospheric Research
West, Robert, Stanford University
Western, Craig, University of Southern California
Wettergreen, David, Carnegie Mellon University
Wexelblat, Richard L.
White, Adam, University of Alberta
White, Gregory B.
Whitehall, Bradley L.
Whitehead, J. Douglas
Whitehead, Steven
Whitelaw, John
Whiteson, Shimon, University of Amsterdam
Whittaker, A. Dale
Whittaker, William, Carnegie Mellon University
Wi├čner, Michael, University of Augsburg
Wick, Michael R.
Widmer, Gerhard
Widmer, Gerhard, Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria)
Wiebe, Janyce
Wiens, Jenna, University of Michigan
Wieringa, Roel
Wiggers, Pascal, Delft University of Technology
Wiggins, Geraint A., Centre for Cognition, Computation and Culture, Goldsmiths, University of London
Wilczynski, David
Wile, Dave
Wile, David
Wilensky, Robert
Wiley, Matthew, University of California, Riverside
Wilk, Szymon, Poznan University of Technology
Wilkie, David, Drexel University
Wilkins, David E.
Wilks, Yorick
Wilks, Yorick, The Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) (United States)
Williams, Brian C.
Williams, Brian C., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)
Williams, Brian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Williams, Jason
Williams, Jason D., Microsoft Corporation
Williams, Kyle Mark, Pennsylvania State University
Williams, Mary-Anne, University of Technology, Sydney
Williams, Mary-Anne, University of Technology
Williams, Mary-Anne
Williams, Michael D.
Williams, Tom, Tufts University

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