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Clark, Matthew A., Air Force Research Laboratory
Clark, Micah, US Navy Office of Naval Research and Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition.
Clark, Micah, US Navy Office of Naval Research
Clark, Peter E., Boeing Research and Technology
Clark, Peter
Clark, Peter, Vulcan Inc. (United States)
Clark, Peter, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Clark, Robert T.
Cleetus, K. J.
Cleland-Huang, Jane, DePaul University
Clements, Gopalasamy R., Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
Clune, Jeff, University of Wyoming
Coblenz, Michael
Codd, Andrew
Coen, Michael H.
Coen, Michael H., University of Wisconsin-Madison (United States)
Coffman, Adam, Innovative Productivity Solutions, Inc.
Cohen, Adam B., Independent Consultant
Cohen, Danny
Cohen, Mark A., Lock Haven University
Cohen, Paul, Arizona State University
Cohen, Paul R., University of Arizona
Cohen, Paul R.
Cohen, William W., Carnegie Mellon University
Cohn, Anthony G.
Cohn, David
Colby, Kenneth Mark
Coles, Amanda, King’s College London
Coles, Andrew, King’s College London
Collins, Gregg
Collins, John
Collins, John, University of Minnesota (United States)
Collins, Samuel G.
Collins, Samuel G., Towson University (United States)
Collins, Thomas
Colombano, Silvano
Colton, Simon, Imperial College
Colton, Simon, Imperial College, London
Coman, Alexandra, Naval Research Laboratory
Comello, Jerome
Compton, Michael
Compton, Paul, University of New South Wales
Conati, Cristina, University of British Columbia
Congdon, Clare
Conitzer, Vincent, Duke University
Conley, Ken
Connell, Jonathan H., IBM Research
Conrad, Jack, Thomson Reuters
Consi, Tom
Constantin, Florin, Georgia Institute of Technology

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