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Lau, Tessa, IBM Almaden Research Center (United States)
Laudwein, Norbert
Laurent, Jean-Pierre
Lauwers, Tom, Carnegie Mellon University (United States)
Lauwers, Tom
Laverty, Stephen, Nuance Communications (United States)
Law, Edith, Carnegie Mellon University (United States)
Lawless, W. F. (United States)
Lawless, W. F., Paine College (United States)
Lawless, William, Paine College (United States)
Lawless, William F., Paine College (United States)
Lawless, William, Pain College (United States)
Lawton, Daryl T.
López de Mántaras, Ramon, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) (Spain)
Le Berre, Daniel, University of Artois (France)
Le Pape, Claude
Leacock, Claudia
Leake, David B., Indiana University (United States)
Leake, David B.
Leake, David, Indiana University (United States)
Lease, Matt, University of Texas at Austin (United States)
Lebiere, Christian
Lebiere, Christian, Carnegie Mellon University (United States)
LeBlanc, David J., University of Michigan (United States)
Lecue, Freddy, IBM Research (Ireland)
Lederman, Susan J.
Lee, Anita
Lee, Cheoung-Nam
Lee, Cynthia Bailey, Stanford University (United States)
Lee, Dan
Lee, Jae Kyu
Lee, Jin-Woo
Lee, Jintae
Lee, Juho
Lee, Kyoung Jun
Lee, Min Kyung, Carnegie Mellon University (United States)
Lee, Peter, Carnegie Mellon University (United States)
Lee, Seung Y., North Carolina State University (United States)
Lege, Alain
Legg, Shane, DeepMind (United States)
LeGrand, Richard
Lehman, Jill Fain, Disney Research (United States)
Lehman, Joel, University of Texas at Austin (United States)
Lehnert, Wendy
Leidig, Jonathan, Network Dynamics and Sim Science Lab (United States)
Leighninger, Marcia
Leite, Iolanda, Disney Research (United States)
Leland, Suzanne, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (United States)
Lemieux, Andrew, The Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR), Netherlands (Netherlands)
Lenat, Doug, Cycorp (United States)

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