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Vol 8, No 3: Fall 1987 1986 Workshop on Distributed AI Abstract   PDF
N. S. Sridharan
Vol 8, No 2: Summer 1987 1987 DAI Workshop Report Abstract   PDF
Les Gasser
Vol 14, No 1: Spring 1993 1992 AAAI Robot Exhibition and Competition Abstract   PDF
Thomas Dean, R. Peter Bonasso
Vol 16, No 1: Spring 1995 1994 Fall Symposium Series Reports Abstract   PDF
Vol 21, No 1: Spring 2000 1999 Bar Illan Symposium on the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Martin Charles Golumbic
Vol 21, No 2: Summer 2000 2000 ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces Abstract   PDF
Henry Lieberman
Vol 25, No 2: Summer 2004 2003 AAAI Robot Competition and Exhibition Abstract   PDF
Bruce A. Maxwell, William Smart, Adam Jacoff, Jennifer Casper, Brian Weiss, Jean Scholtz, Holly Yanco, Mark Micire, Ashley Stroupe, Dan Stormont, Tom Lauwers
Vol 24, No 3: Fall 2003 2003 AAAI Spring Symposium Series Abstract   PDF
Andreas Abecker, Erik K. Antonsson, Charles B. Callaway, Virginia Dignum, Patrick Doherty, Ludger van Elst, Michael Freed, Reva Freedman, Hans Guesgen, Gareth Jones, John Koza, David Kortenkamp, Mark Maybury, John McCarthy, Debasis Mitra, Jochen Renz, Debra Schreckenghost, Mary-Anne Williams
Vol 11, No 4: Special 1990 A Bibliography on Hybrid Reasoning Abstract   PDF
Alan M. Frisch, Richard B. Scherl
Vol 6, No 2: Summer 1985 A Biologist Looks at Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
William K. Purves
Vol 33, No 1: Spring 2012 A Brief Overview of Artificial Intelligence in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Alexander Ferrein, Thomas Meyer
Vol 22, No 1: Spring 2001 A Call for Knowledge-Based Planning Abstract   PDF
David E. Wilkins, Marie desJardins
Vol 25, No 3: Fall 2004 A Cellular Telephone-Based Application for Skin-Grading to Support Cosmetic Sales Abstract   PDF
Hironori Hiraishi, Fumio Mizoguchi
Vol 27, No 2: Summer 2006 A Cognitive Substrate for Achieving Human-Level Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Nicholas L. Cassimatis
Vol 10, No 1: Spring 1989 A Computational Model of Reasoning from the Clinical Literature Abstract   PDF
Glenn D. Rennels, Edward H. Shortliffe, Frank E. Stockdale, Perry L. Miller
Vol 35, No 1: Spring 2014 A Constraint-Based Dental School Timetabling System Abstract   PDF
Hadrien Cambazard, Barry O'Sullivan, Helmut Simonis
Vol 13, No 3: Fall 1992 A Conversation with Marvin Minsky Abstract   PDF
Marvin L. Minsky, Otto Laske
Vol 36, No 3: Fall 2015 A Deployed People-to-People Recommender System in Online Dating Abstract   PDF
Wayne Wobcke, Alfred Krzywicki, Yang Sok Kim, Xiongcai Cai, Michael Bain, Paul Compton, Ashesh Mahidadia
Vol 13, No 1: Spring 1992 A Flexible, Parallel Generator of Natural Language Abstract   PDF
Nigel Ward
Vol 9, No 2: Summer 1988 A Framework for Representing and Reasoning about Three-Dimensional Objects for Visione Abstract   PDF
Ellen Lowenfeld Walker, Takeo Kanade, Martin Herman
Vol 24, No 3: Fall 2003 A Framework for the Development of Personalized, Distributed Web-Based Configuration Systems Abstract   PDF
Liliana Ardissono, Alexander Felfernig, Gerhard Friedrich, Anna Goy, Dietmar Jannach, Giovanna Petrone, Ralph Schafer, Markus Zanker
Vol 22, No 3: Fall 2001 A Gamut of Games Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Schaeffer
Vol 36, No 2: Summer 2015 A General Context-Aware Framework for Improved Human-System Interactions Abstract   PDF
Stacy Lovell Pfautz, Gabriel Ganberg, Adam Fouse, Nathan Schurr
Vol 19, No 4: Winter 1998 A Generic Framework for Constraint-Directed Search and Scheduling Abstract   PDF
J. Christopher Beck, Mark S. Fox
Vol 8, No 3: Fall 1987 A Graduate Level Expert Systems Course Abstract   PDF
David C. Brown
Vol 11, No 1: Spring 1990 A Group Theoretic Approach to Assembly Planning Abstract   PDF
Robin J. Popplestone, Yanxi Liu, Rich Weiss
Vol 15, No 4: Winter 1994 A Guided Tour of Computer Vision: A Review Abstract   PDF
Jon A. Webb
Vol 35, No 2: Summer 2014 A History of AI Research and Development in Thailand: Three Periods, Three Directions Abstract   PDF
Asanee Kawtrakul, Prasong Praneetpolgrang
Vol 34, No 1: Spring 2013 A Human/Computer Learning Network to Improve Biodiversity Conservation and Research Abstract   PDF
Steve Kelling, Jeff Gerbracht, Daniel Fink, Carl Lagoze, Weng-Keen Wong, Jun Yu, Theodoros Damoulas, Carla Gomes
Vol 7, No 2: Summer 1986 A Knowledge System that Integrates Heterogeneous Software for a Design Application Abstract   PDF
Kathryn M. Chalfan
Vol 14, No 3: Fall 1993 A Knowledge-Based Configurator that Supports Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing at AT&T Network Systems Abstract   PDF
Jon R. Wright, Elia S. Weixelbaum, Gregg T. Vesonder, Karen E. Brown, Stephen R. Palmer, Jay I. Berman, Harry H. Moore
Vol 7, No 5: Special Issue 1986 A Knowledge-Based Consultant for Financial Marketing Abstract   PDF
John Kastner, Chidanand Apte, James Griesmer
Vol 9, No 3: Fall 1988 A Knowledge-Based Model of Audit Risk Abstract   PDF
Vasant Dhar, Barry Lewis, James Peters
Vol 16, No 4: Winter 1995 A Lexical Semantic and Statistical Approach to Lexical Collocation Extraction for Natural Language Generation Abstract   PDF
Rita McCardell Doerr
Vol 33, No 2: Summer 2012 A Machine Learning Approach to the Detection of Fetal Hypoxia during Labor and Delivery Abstract   PDF
Philip A. Warrick, Emily F. Hamilton, Robert E. Kearney, Doina Precup
Vol 21, No 1: Spring 2000 A Message to Readers Abstract   PDF
Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran
Vol 9, No 4: Winter 1988 A Method for Evaluating Candidate Expert System Applications Abstract   PDF
James Slagle, Michael R. Wick
Vol 4, No 4: Winter 1983 A More Rational View of Logic, Or, Up Against the Wall, Logic Imperialists! Abstract   PDF
Alex P. Pentland, Martin A. Fischler
Vol 27, No 3: Fall 2006 A Multiagent Simulator for Teaching Police Allocation Abstract   PDF
Vasco Furtado, Eurico Vasconcelos
Vol 38, No 3: Fall 2017 A New AI Evaluation Cosmos: Ready to Play the Game? Abstract
José Hérnandez-Orallo, Marco Baroni, Jordi Bieger, Nader Chmait, David L. Dowe, Katja Hofmann, Fernando Martínez-Plumed, Claes Strannegård, Kristinn R. Thórisson
Vol 21, No 4: Winter 2000 A New Basis for Spreadsheet Computing: Interval Solver for Microsoft Excel Abstract   PDF
Eero Hyvonen, Stefano DePascale
Vol 22, No 1: Spring 2001 A New Direction in AI: Toward a Computational Theory of Perceptions Abstract   PDF
Lotfi A. Zadeh
Vol 20, No 1: Spring 1999 A New Technique Enables Dynamic Replanning and Rescheduling of Aeromedical Evacuation Abstract   PDF
Alexander Kott, Victor Saks, Albert Mercer
Vol 9, No 4: Winter 1988 A Novel Approach to Expert Systems for Design of Large Structures Abstract   PDF
H. Adeli, K. V. Balasubramanian
Vol 12, No 3: Fall 1991 A Performance Evaluation of Text-Analysis Technologies Abstract   PDF
Wendy Lehnert, Beth Sundheim
Vol 27, No 4: Winter 2006 A Personal Account of the Development of Stanley, the Robot That Won the DARPA Grand Challenge Abstract   PDF
Sebastian Thrun
Vol 33, No 1: Spring 2012 A Perspective on AI Research in India Abstract   PDF
Deepak Khemani
Vol 5, No 1: Spring 1984 A Perspective on Automatic Programming Abstract   PDF
David R. Barstow
Vol 22, No 3: Fall 2001 A Planner Called R Abstract   PDF
Fangzhen Lin
Vol 13, No 1: Spring 1992 A Predictive Model for Satisfying Conflicting Objectives in Scheduling Problems Abstract   PDF
Pauline M. Berry
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