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Vol 14, No 1: Spring 1993 Carmel Versus Flakey: A Comparison of Two Winners Abstract   PDF
Clare Congdon, Marcus Huber, David Kortenkamp, Kurt Konolige, Karen Myers, Alexandro Saffiotti, Enrique Ruspini
Vol 19, No 1: Spring 1998 Case- and Constraint-Based Project Planning for Apartment Construction Abstract   PDF
Kyoung Jun Lee, Hyun Woo Kim, Jae Kyu Lee, Tae Hwan Kim
Vol 17, No 1: Spring 1996 Case-Based Reasoning Abstract   PDF
David W. Aha
Vol 23, No 1: Spring 2002 Case-Based Reasoning Integrations Abstract   PDF
Cynthia Marling, Mohammed Sqalli, Edwina Rissland, Hector Munoz-Avila, David Aha
Vol 12, No 1: Spring 1991 Case-Based Reasoning: A Research Paradigm Abstract   PDF
Stephen Slade
Vol 27, No 2: Summer 2006 Celebrating AI's Fiftieth Anniversary and Continuing Innovation at the AAAI/IAAI-06 Conferences Abstract   PDF
Sara R. Hedberg
Vol 26, No 3: Fall 2005 Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of AAAI: Notes from the AAAI-05 and IAAI-05 Conferences Abstract   PDF
Sara R. Hedberg
Vol 5, No 2: Summer 1984 Center for the Study of Language and Information Research Program on Situated Language Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Macken
Vol 38, No 3: Fall 2017 Certifiable Trust in Autonomous Systems: Making the Intractable Tangible Abstract
Joseph B. Lyons, Matthew A. Clark, Alan R. Wagner, Matthew J. Schuelke
Vol 33, No 1: Spring 2012 Challenges and Opportunities in Applied Machine Learning Abstract   PDF
Carla E. Brodley, Umaa Rebbapragada, Kevin Small, Byron Wallace
Vol 37, No 4: Winter 2016 Challenges in Building Highly-Interactive Dialog Systems Abstract
Nigel G. Ward, David DeVault
Vol 8, No 2: Summer 1987 Checking a Knowledge-Based System for Consistency and Completeness Abstract   PDF
Tin A. Nguyen, Walton A. Perkins, Thomas J. Laffey, Deanne Pecora
Vol 19, No 1: Spring 1998 CHEMREG: Using Case-Based Reasoning to Support Health and Safety Compliance in the Chemical Industry Abstract   PDF
Kirk D. Wilson
Vol 17, No 1: Spring 1996 CHINOOK The World Man-Machine Checkers Champion Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Schaeffer, Robert Lake, Paul Lu, Martin Bryant
Vol 17, No 2: Summer 1996 Citation-Based Journal Rankings for AI Research A Business Perspective Abstract   PDF
Chun Hung Cheng, Clyde W. Holsapple, Anita Lee
Vol 36, No 3: Fall 2015 CiteSeerX: AI in a Digital Library Search Engine Abstract   PDF
Jian Wu, Kyle Mark Williams, Hung-Hsuan Chen, Madian Khabsa, Cornelia Caragea, Suppawong Tuarob, Alexander G. Ororbia, Douglas Jordan, Prasenjit Mitra, C. Lee Giles
Vol 12, No 3: Fall 1991 Classifying and Detecting Plan-Based Misconceptions for Robust Plan Recognition Abstract   PDF
Randall J. Calistri-Yeh
Vol 7, No 4: Winter 1986 CML: A Meta-Interpreter for Manufacturing Abstract   PDF
David Alan Bourne
Vol 27, No 1: Spring 2006 CMRoboBits: Creating an Intelligent AIBO Robot Abstract   PDF
Manuela M. Veloso, Paul E. Rybski, Scott Lenser, Sonia Chernova, Douglas Vail
Vol 19, No 3: Fall 1998 CMUNITED-97: RoboCup-97 Small-Robot World Champion Team Abstract   PDF
Manuela M. Veloso, Peter Stone, Kwun Han
Vol 21, No 1: Spring 2000 CMUNITED-98 Simulator Team Abstract   PDF
Peter Stone, Manuela M. Veloso, Patrick Riley
Vol 21, No 1: Spring 2000 CMUNITED-98: RoboCup-98 Small-Robot World Champion Team Abstract   PDF
Manuela M. Veloso, Michael Bowling, Sorin Achim, Kwun Han, Peter Stone
Vol 19, No 3: Fall 1998 Coevolving Soccer Softbots Abstract   PDF
Sean Luke
Vol 36, No 4: Winter 2015 Cognition as a Service: An Industry Perspective Abstract   PDF
Jim Spohrer, Guruduth Banavar
Vol 27, No 2: Summer 2006 Cognitive Architectures and General Intelligent Systems Abstract   PDF
Pat Langley
Vol 8, No 1: Spring 1987 Cognitive Expert Systems and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence Research at the University of Connecticut Abstract   PDF
Mallory Selfridge, Donald J. Dickerson, Stanley F. Biggs
Vol 10, No 4: Winter 1989 Cognitive Models of Speech Processing: Psycholinguistic and Computational Perspectives Abstract   PDF
Gerry Altmann
Vol 36, No 4: Winter 2015 Cognitive Orthoses: Toward Human-Centered AI Abstract   PDF
Kenneth M. Ford, Patrick J. Hayes, Clark Glymour, James Allen
Vol 36, No 4: Winter 2015 Cognitive Prosthetics for Fostering Learning: A View from the Learning Sciences Abstract   PDF
Janet L. Kolodner
Vol 38, No 4: Winter 2017 Cognitive Systems: Toward Human-Level Functionality Abstract
Sergei Nirenburg
Vol 6, No 4: Winter 1985 Cognitive Technologies: The Design of Joint Human-Machine Cognitive Systems Abstract   PDF
David D. Woods
Vol 25, No 2: Summer 2004 Cognitive Vision Abstract   PDF
Henrik I. Christensen
Vol 13, No 2: Summer 1992 Cognitively Plausible Heuristics to Tackle the Computational Complexity of Abductive Reasoning Abstract   PDF
Olivier Fischer
Vol 37, No 4: Winter 2016 Collaborative Language Grounding Toward Situated Human-Robot Dialogue Abstract
Joyce Y. Chai, Rui Fang, Changsong Liu, Lanbo She
Vol 17, No 2: Summer 1996 Collaborative Systems (AAAI-94 Presidential Address) Abstract   PDF
Barbara J. Grosz
Vol 22, No 4: Winter 2001 Collagen: Applying Collaborative Discourse Theory to Human-Computer Interaction Abstract   PDF
Charles Rich, Candace L. Sidner, Neal Lesh
Vol 29, No 3: Fall 2008 Collective Classification in Network Data Abstract   PDF
Prithviraj Sen, Galileo Namata, Mustafa Bilgic, Lise Getoor, Brian Galligher, Tina Eliassi-Rad
Vol 19, No 1: Spring 1998 Combining Neural Networks and Context-Driven Search for Online, Printed Handwriting Recognition in the NEWTON Abstract   PDF
Larry S. Yaeger, Brandyn J. Webb, Richard F. Lyon
Vol 17, No 4: Winter 1996 COMET: An Application of Model-Based Reasoning to Accounting Systems Abstract   PDF
Robert Nado, Melanie Chams, Jeff Delisio, Walter Hamscher
Vol 8, No 4: Winter 1987 Commercial AI Trends Seen at AAAI-87 Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey Stone
Vol 27, No 2: Summer 2006 Companion Cognitive Systems: A Step toward Human-Level AI Abstract   PDF
Kenneth D. Forbus, Thomas R. Hinrichs
Vol 14, No 3: Fall 1993 Compaq Quicksource: Providing the Consumer with the Power of AI Abstract   PDF
Trung Nguyen, Mary Czerwinski, Dan Lee
Vol 15, No 4: Winter 1994 Comparative Analysis of AI Planning Systems: A Report on the AAAI Workshop Abstract   PDF
David E. Wilkins
Vol 27, No 2: Summer 2006 Comparative Analysis of Frameworks for Knowledge-Intensive Intelligent Agents Abstract   PDF
Randolph M. Jones, Robert E. Wray
Vol 5, No 4: Winter 1984 Comparing Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Engineering: Commercialization Lessons Abstract   PDF
Edward M. Dickson
Vol 33, No 2: Summer 2012 Competitive Benchmarking: Lessons Learned from the Trading Agent Competition Abstract   PDF
Wolfgang Ketter, Andreas Symeonidis
Vol 27, No 1: Spring 2006 Components, Curriculum, and Community: Robots and Robotics in Undergraduate AI Education Abstract   PDF
Zachary Dodds, Lloyd Greenwald, Ayanna Howard, Sheila Tejada, Jerry Weinberg
Vol 11, No 2: Summer 1990 Components of Expertise Abstract   PDF
Luc Steels
Vol 30, No 3: Fall 2009 Computational Approaches to Storytelling and Creativity Abstract   PDF
Pablo Gervas
Vol 19, No 2: Summer 1998 Computational Cognitive Modeling, the Source of Power, and Other Related Issues Abstract   PDF
Ron Sun, Charles X. Ling
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