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Vol 24, No 4: Winter 2003 Current Topics in Qualitative Reasoning Abstract   PDF
Bert Bredeweg, Peter Struss
Vol 28, No 4: Winter 2007 Current Trends in Automated Planning Abstract   PDF
Dana S. Nau
Vol 29, No 1: Spring 2008 Custom DU: A Web-Based Business User-Driven Automated Underwriting System Abstract   PDF
Srinivas Krovvidy
Vol 11, No 3: Fall 1990 CYC: A Midterm Report Abstract   PDF
Douglas Lenat, R. V. Guha
Vol 6, No 4: Winter 1985 CYC: Using Common Sense Knowledge to Overcome Brittleness and Knowledge Acquisition Bottlenecks Abstract   PDF
Douglas B. Lenat, Mayank Prakash, Mary Shepherd
Vol 38, No 4: Winter 2017 Daniel G. Bobrow: In Memoriam Abstract
Johann DeKleer
Vol 38, No 4: Winter 2017 Danny Bobrow: A Personal Recollection Abstract
Rusty (Robert J.) Bobrow
Vol 9, No 2: Summer 1988 DARPA Santa Cruz Workshop on Planning Abstract   PDF
William R. Swartout
Vol 16, No 4: Winter 1995 DAS: Intelligent Scheduling Systems for Shipbuilding Abstract   PDF
Jae Kyu Lee, Kyoung Jun Lee, June Seok Hong, Wooju Kim, Eun Young Kim, Soo Yeoul Choi, Ho Dong Kim, Ok Ryul Yang, Hyung Rim Choi
Vol 26, No 1: Spring 2005 Data Integration: A Logic-Based Perspective Abstract   PDF
Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo
Vol 10, No 4: Winter 1989 Databases in Large AI Systems Abstract   PDF
Oris D. Friesen, Forouzan Golshani
Vol 33, No 4: Winter 2012 David L Waltz, in Memoriam Abstract   PDF
Richard P. Gabriel, Tim Finin, Ron Sun
Vol 12, No 4: Winter 1991 Decision Analysis and Expert Systems Abstract   PDF
Max Henrion, John S. Breese, Eric J. Horvitz
Vol 33, No 4: Winter 2012 Decision Making in Complex Multiagent Contexts: A Tale of Two Frameworks Abstract   PDF
Prashant J. Doshi
Vol 20, No 2: Summer 1999 Decision-Theoretic Planning Abstract   PDF
Jim Blythe
Vol 10, No 2: Summer 1989 Deep Thought Wins Fredkin Intermediate Prize Abstract   PDF
Hans J. Berliner
Vol 32, No 1: Spring 2011 Deep Transfer: A Markov Logic Approach Abstract   PDF
Jesse Davis, Pedro Domingos
Vol 34, No 1: Spring 2013 Deployed Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2012 Abstract   PDF
Marcus Fromherz, Hector Muñoz-Avila
Vol 36, No 3: Fall 2015 Deploying CommunityCommands: A Software Command Recommender System Case Study Abstract   PDF
Wei Li, Justin Matejka, Tovi Grossmann, George Fitzmaurice
Vol 38, No 2: Summer 2017 Deploying Constraint Programming for Testing ABB’s Painting Robots Abstract
Morten Mossige, Arnaud Gotlieb, Hein Meling
Vol 38, No 1: Spring 2017 Deploying nEmesis: Preventing Foodborne Illness by Data Mining Social Media Abstract
Adam Sadilek, Henry Kautz, Lauren DiPrete, Brian Labus, Eric Portman, Jack Teitel, Vincent Silenzio
Vol 16, No 2: Summer 1995 DERVISH An Office-Navigating Robot Abstract   PDF
Illah Nourbakhsh, Rob Powers, Stan Birchfield
Vol 26, No 2: Summer 2005 Description Logics and Planning Abstract   PDF
Yolanda Gil
Vol 33, No 2: Summer 2012 Design and Deployment of a Personalized News Service Abstract   PDF
Mark Stefik, Lange Good
Vol 38, No 3: Fall 2017 Design and Intelligent Machines Abstract
William C. Regli
Vol 38, No 3: Fall 2017 Design and Intelligent Machines Abstract
William C. Regli
Vol 11, No 4: Winter 1990 Design Problem Solving: A Task Analysis Abstract   PDF
Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran
Vol 11, No 4: Winter 1990 Design Prototypes: A Knowledge Representation Schema for Design Abstract   PDF
John S. Gero
Vol 11, No 4: Winter 1990 Design Reasoning Without Explanations Abstract   PDF
R. D. Coyne
Vol 30, No 4: Winter 2009 Design Space and Evaluation Challenges of Adaptive Graphical User Interfaces Abstract   PDF
Leah Findlater, Krzysztof Z. Gajos
Vol 15, No 3: Fall 1994 Designing Conventions for Automated Negotiation Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey S. Rosenschein, Gilad Zlotkin
Vol 32, No 4: Winter 2011 Designing Embodied Cues for Dialog with Robots Abstract   PDF
Bilge Mutlu
Vol 19, No 2: Summer 1998 Designing for Human-Agent Interaction Abstract   PDF
Michael Lewis
Vol 30, No 4: Winter 2009 Designing for Usability of an Adaptive Time Management Assistant Abstract   PDF
Julie Sage Weber, Neil Yorke-Smith
Vol 31, No 4: Winter 2010 Designing Markets for Prediction Abstract   PDF
Yiling Chen, David M. Pennock
Vol 15, No 1: Spring 1994 Designing the 1993 Robot Competition Abstract   PDF
Kurt Konolige
Vol 18, No 1: Spring 1997 Detecting, Repairing, and Preventing Human-Machine Miscommunication Abstract   PDF
Susan McRoy
Vol 12, No 3: Fall 1991 Deterministic Autonomous Systems Abstract   PDF
Arie A. Covrigaru, Robert K. Lindsay
Vol 30, No 3: Fall 2009 Deus Ex Machina — A Higher Creative Species in the Game of Chess Abstract   PDF
Shay Bushinsky
Vol 6, No 2: Summer 1985 Developing a Knowledge Engineering Capability in the TRW Defense Systems Group Abstract   PDF
Edward C. Taylor
Vol 17, No 4: Winter 1996 Developing and Deploying Knowledge on a Global Scale Abstract   PDF
James Borron, David Morales, Philip Klahr
Vol 37, No 4: Winter 2016 Developing Decision Aids to Enable Human Spaceflight Autonomy Abstract
Jeremy D. Frank, Kerry McGuire, Haifa R. Moses, Jerri Stephenson
Vol 16, No 4: Winter 1995 Development of Self-Maintenance Photocopiers Abstract   PDF
Yoshiki Shimomura, Sadao Tanigawa, Yasushi Umeda, Tetsuo Tomiyama
Vol 17, No 4: Winter 1996 Diagnosing Delivery Problems in the White House Information-Distribution System Abstract   PDF
Mark Nahabedian, Howard Shrobe
Vol 28, No 2: Summer 2007 Dialogue on Dialogues -- Multidisciplinary Evaluation of Advanced Speech-Based Interactive Systems: A Report on the Interspeech 2006 Satellite Event Abstract   PDF
Kristiina Jokinen, Michael McTear, James A. Larson
Vol 28, No 2: Summer 2007 DiamondHelp: A Generic Collaborative Task Guidance System Abstract   PDF
Charles Rich, Candace L. Sidner
Vol 6, No 3: Fall 1985 Differing Methodological Perspectives in Artificial Intelligence Research Abstract   PDF
Rogers P. Hall, Dennis F. Kibler
Vol 12, No 3: Fall 1991 Dimensions of Interaction: AAAI-90 Presidential Address Abstract   PDF
Daniel G. Bobrow
Vol 11, No 1: Spring 1990 Directions in AI Research and Applications at Siemens Corporate Research and Development Abstract   PDF
Wolfram Buettner, Klaus Estenfeld, Hans Haugenederr, Peter Struss
Vol 4, No 2: Summer 1983 Distinguished Service Award: IJCAI 1983 Abstract   PDF
Saul Amarel
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