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Vol 25, No 4: Winter 2004 Formalizations of Commonsense Psychology Abstract   PDF
Andrew S. Gordon, Jerry R. Hobbs
Vol 9, No 4: Winter 1988 Foundations and Grand Challenges of Artificial Intelligence: AAAI Presidential Address Abstract   PDF
Raj Reddy
Vol 37, No 4: Winter 2016 Four Decades of AI in Portugal Abstract   PDF
Rodrigo Ventura
Vol 17, No 3: Fall 1996 From Data Mining to Knowledge Discovery in Databases Abstract   PDF
Usama Fayyad, Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Padhraic Smyth
Vol 17, No 2: Summer 1996 From Digitized Images to Online Catalogs Data Mining a Sky Survey Abstract   PDF
Usama M. Fayyad, S. G. Djorgovski, Nicholas Weir
Vol 7, No 3: Fall 1986 From Guidon to Neomycin and Heracles in Twenty Short Lessons Abstract   PDF
William J. Clancey
Vol 12, No 2: Summer 1991 From Society to Landscape: Alternative Metaphors for Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
David M. West, Larry E. Travis
Vol 15, No 3: Fall 1994 Frontiers in Run-Time Prediction for the Production-System Paradigm Abstract   PDF
Franz Barachini
Vol 11, No 4: Special 1990 Full-Sized Knowledge-Based Systems Research Workshop Abstract   PDF
Barry G. Silverman, Arthur J. Murray
Vol 17, No 3: Fall 1996 Fully Automated Design of Super-High-Rise Building Structures by a Hybrid AI Model on a Massively Parallel Machine Abstract   PDF
Hojjat Adeli, H. S. Park
Vol 13, No 1: Spring 1992 Functional Categorization of Knowledge: Applications in Modeling Scientific Research and Discovery Abstract   PDF
Sakir Kocabas
Vol 11, No 2: Summer 1990 Future Directions in Natural Language Processing: The Bolt Beranek and Newman Natural Language Symposium Abstract   PDF
Mark T. Maybury
Vol 18, No 1: Spring 1997 Gaps and Bridges: New Directions in Planning and Natural Language Generation Abstract   PDF
Kristiina Jokinen, Mark Maybury, Michael Zock, Ingrid Zukerman
Vol 26, No 2: Summer 2005 General Game Playing: Overview of the AAAI Competition Abstract   PDF
Michael Genesereth, Nathaniel Love, Barney Pell
Vol 26, No 4: Winter 2005 Getting Back to "The Very Idea" Abstract   PDF
Ronald J. Brachman
Vol 10, No 4: Winter 1989 Ginsberg Replies to Chapman and Schoppers Abstract   PDF
Matthew L. Ginsberg
Vol 4, No 3: Fall 1983 GLISP: A Lisp-Based Programming System with Data Abstraction Abstract   PDF
Gordon S. Novak
Vol 14, No 4: Winter 1993 Goal-Driven Learning: Fundamental Issues: A Symposium Report Abstract   PDF
David B. Leake, Ashwin Ram
Vol 24, No 2: Summer 2003 GRACE: An Autonomous Robot for the AAAI Robot Challenge Abstract   PDF
Reid Simmons, Dani Goldberg, Adam Goode, Michael Montemerlo, Nicholas Roy, Brennan Sellner, Chris Urmson, Alan Schultz, Myriam Abramson, William Adams, Amin Atrash, Magda Bugajska, Michael Coblenz, Matt MacMahon, Dennis Perzanowski, Ian Horswill, Robert Zubek, David Kortenkamp, Bryn Wolfe, Tod Milam, Bruce Maxwell
Vol 35, No 1: Spring 2014 GRADE: Machine Learning Support for Graduate Admissions Abstract   PDF
Austin Waters, Risto Miikkulainen
Vol 37, No 2: Summer 2016 Graph Analysis for Detecting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in Healthcare Data Abstract   PDF
Juan Liu, Eric Bier, Aaron Wilson, John Alexis Guerra-Gomez, Tomonori Honda, Kumar Sricharan, Leilani Gilpin, Daniel Davies
Vol 14, No 4: Winter 1993 Green Engineering AI Tools Benefit the Environment Abstract   PDF
Sara R. Hedberg
Vol 37, No 3: Fall 2016 Grounding and Solving in Answer Set Programming Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Kaufmann, Nicola Leone, Simona Perri, Torsten Schaub
Vol 25, No 3: Fall 2004 Guest Editor's Introduction Abstract   PDF
John Riedl, Randy Hill
Vol 13, No 3: Fall 1992 Guest Editorial Abstract   PDF
William J. Clancey
Vol 11, No 4: Winter 1990 Guest Editorial: Design for AI Researchers Abstract   PDF
Mary Lou Maher, John S. Gero
Vol 27, No 3: Fall 2006 Guest Editors' Introduction Abstract   PDF
Neil Jacobstein, Bruce Porter
Vol 38, No 4: Winter 2017 Guest Editors' Note Abstract
Sergei Nirenburg, Micah Clark
Vol 26, No 4: Winter 2005 Happy Anniversary, AAAI and AI Magazine! Abstract   PDF
David B. Leake
Vol 27, No 4: Winter 2006 Happy Silver Anniversary, AI! Abstract   PDF
Edward A. Feigenbaum
Vol 31, No 3: Fall 2010 Harnessing Cyc to Answer Clinical Researchers' Ad Hoc Queries Abstract   PDF
Douglas Lenat, Michael Witbrock, David Baxter, Eugene Blackstone, Chris Deaton, Dave Schneider, Jerry Scott, Blake Shepard
Vol 37, No 4: Winter 2016 Harold Cohen and AARON Abstract   PDF
Paul Cohen
Vol 37, No 4: Winter 2016 Hedging the Risk of Delays in Multimodal Journey Planning Abstract   PDF
Adi Botea
Vol 37, No 2: Summer 2016 Helping Novices Avoid the Hazards of Data: Leveraging Ontologies to Improve Model Generalization Automatically with Online Data Sources Abstract   PDF
Sasin Janpuangtong, Dylan A. Shell
Vol 23, No 1: Spring 2002 Heterogeneous Agent Systems: A Review Abstract   PDF
P. Ravi Prakash
Vol 28, No 3: Fall 2007 Heuristic Search and Information Visualization Methods for School Redistricting Abstract   PDF
Marie desJardins, Blazej Bulka, Ryan Carr, Eric Jordan, Penny Rheingans
Vol 3, No 3: Fall 1982 Heuristic Search for New Microcircuit Structures: An Application of Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Douglas B. Lenat, William R. Sutherland, James Gibbons
Vol 22, No 3: Fall 2001 Heuristic Search Planner 2.0 Abstract   PDF
Blai Bonet, Hector Geffner
Vol 9, No 4: Winter 1988 High-Level Connectionist Models Abstract   PDF
Jordan Pollack
Vol 19, No 3: Fall 1998 Highly Autonomous Systems Workshop Abstract   PDF
Richard Doyle, Robert Rasmussen, Guy Man, Keyur Patel
Vol 3, No 1: Spring 1982 High-Road and Low-Road Programs Abstract   PDF
Donald Michie
Vol 9, No 3: Fall 1988 Hitech Becomes First Computer Senior Master Abstract   PDF
Hans J. Berliner
Vol 10, No 1: Spring 1989 Hitech Defeats Denker in AGS Challenge Match Abstract   PDF
Hans J. Berliner
Vol 8, No 4: Winter 1987 HITECH Wins Chess Tourney Abstract   PDF
Hans J. Berliner
Vol 11, No 3: Fall 1990 Hoist: A Second-Generation Expert System Based on Qualitative Physics Abstract   PDF
J. Douglas Whitehead, John W. Roach
Vol 39, No 1: Spring 2018 Holistic Conversational Assistants Abstract
Charles L. Ortiz
Vol 14, No 2: Summer 1993 How Do Symbols and Networks Fit Together Abstract   PDF
Ron Sun, Lawrence Bookman
Vol 9, No 4: Winter 1988 How Evaluation Guides AI Research: The Message Still Counts More than the Medium Abstract   PDF
Paul R. Cohen, Adele E. Howe
Vol 8, No 3: Fall 1987 How Humans Process Uncertain Knowledge: An Introduction Abstract   PDF
Robert F. Hink, David L. Woods
Vol 29, No 2: Summer 2008 How Inappropriately Heavyweight AI Solutions Dragged Down A Startup (and Made Me Realize that Industrial Salaries Are High for a Good Reason) Abstract   PDF
Michael Wooldridge
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