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Vol 27, No 4: Winter 2006 A Proposal for the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence, August 31, 1955 Abstract   PDF
John McCarthy, Marvin L. Minsky, Nathaniel Rochester, Claude E. Shannon
Vol 8, No 1: Spring 1987 A Question of Responsibility Abstract   PDF
M. Mitchell Waldrop
Vol 34, No 1: Spring 2013 A Real-Time Decision Support System for High Cost Oil-Well Drilling Operations Abstract   PDF
Odd Erik Gundersen, Frode Sørmo, Agnar Aamodt, Pål Skalle
Vol 28, No 2: Summer 2007 A Report on the IJCAI-07 Program Abstract   PDF
Manuela M. Veloso
Vol 37, No 1: Spring 2016 A Report on the Ninth International Web Rule Symposium Abstract   PDF
Adrian Paschke
Vol 15, No 3: Fall 1994 A Report to ARPA on Twenty-First Century Intelligent Systems Abstract   PDF
Barbara Grosz, Randall Davis
Vol 3, No 4: Winter 1982 A Representation System User Interface for Knowledge Base Designers Abstract   PDF
Richard E. Fikes
Vol 18, No 1: Spring 1997 A Retrospective of the AAAI Robot Competitions Abstract   PDF
R. Peter Bonasso, Thomas Dean
Vol 39, No 1: Spring 2018 A Retrospective on Mutual Bootstrapping Abstract
Ellen Riloff, Rosie Jones
Vol 19, No 3: Fall 1998 A Review of How the Mind Works Abstract   PDF
Tapio Elomaa
Vol 19, No 1: Spring 1998 A Review of Machine Learning Abstract   PDF
Dennis Kibler
Vol 16, No 3: Fall 1995 A Review of Mental Leaps: Analogy in Creative Thought Abstract   PDF
Douglas Hofstadter
Vol 20, No 3: Fall 1999 A Review of Nonmonotonic Reasoning Abstract   PDF
Simon Parsons
Vol 16, No 2: Summer 1995 A Review of Qualitative Reasoning: Modeling and Simulation with Incomplete Knowledge Abstract   PDF
Elisha Sacks
Vol 35, No 4: Winter 2014 A Review of Real-Time Strategy Game AI Abstract   PDF
Glen Robertson, Ian Watson
Vol 28, No 1: Spring 2007 A Review of Recent Research in Metareasoning and Metalearning Abstract   PDF
Michael L. Anderson, Tim Oates
Vol 21, No 1: Spring 2000 A Review of Reinforcement Learning Abstract   PDF
Sebastian Thrun, Michael L. Littman
Vol 20, No 3: Fall 1999 A Review of Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind Abstract   PDF
Bonnie Holte Bennett
Vol 16, No 2: Summer 1995 A Review of Rules of Encounter: Designing Conventions for Automated Negotiation Abstract   PDF
Piotr Gmytrasiewicz
Vol 18, No 2: Summer 1997 A Review of Sketches of Thought Abstract   PDF
Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran
Vol 15, No 3: Fall 1994 A Review of Statistical Language Learning Abstract   PDF
Marti A. Hearst
Vol 23, No 3: Fall 2002 A Review of the Twenty-Second SOAR Workshop Abstract   PDF
Frank E. Ritter, Isaac G. Councill
Vol 29, No 2: Summer 2008 A Self-Help Guide For Autonomous Systems Abstract   PDF
Michael L. Anderson, Scott Fults, Darsana P. Josyula, Tim Oates, Don Perlis, Shomir Wilson, Dean Wright
Vol 36, No 2: Summer 2015 A Semantic Infrastructure for Personalisable Context-Aware Environments Abstract   PDF
Simon Scerri, Jeremy Debattista, Judie Attard, Ismael Rivera
Vol 37, No 4: Winter 2016 A Short History of the RecSys Challenge Abstract   PDF
Alan Said
Vol 7, No 2: Summer 1986 A Simple View of the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence and Its Implication for the Rule of Combination Abstract   PDF
Lotfi A. Zadeh
Vol 38, No 4: Winter 2017 A Standard Model of the Mind: Toward a Common Computational Framework across Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and Robotics Abstract
John E. Laird, Christian Lebiere, Paul S. Rosenbloom
Vol 15, No 2: Summer 1994 A Structured View of Real-Time Problem Solving Abstract   PDF
Jay K. Strosnider, C. J. Paul
Vol 36, No 3: Fall 2015 A Summary of the Twenty-Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Robert Morris, Blai Bonet, Marc Cavazza, Marie desJardins, Ariel Felner, Nick Hawes, Brad Knox, Sven Koenig, George Konidaris, Jérôme Lang, Carlos Linares López, Daniele Magazzeni, Amy McGovern, Sriraam Natarajan, Nathan R. Sturtevant, Michael Thielscher, William Yeoh, Sebastian Sardina, Kiri Wagstaff
Vol 35, No 3: Fall 2014 A Survey of Artificial Intelligence Research at the IIIA Abstract   PDF
Ramon Lopez de Mantaras
Vol 20, No 4: Winter 1999 A Survey of Research in Distributed, Continual Planning Abstract   PDF
Marie E. desJardins, Edmund H. Durfee, Charles L. Ortiz, Jr., Michael J. Wolverton
Vol 12, No 1: Spring 1991 A Survey of the Eighth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Pulling Together or Pulling Apart? Abstract   PDF
Paul R. Cohen
Vol 33, No 1: Spring 2012 A Survey of the Seventh International Planning Competition Abstract   PDF
Amanda Coles, Andrew Coles, Angel García Olaya, Sergio Jiménez, Carlos Linares López, Scott Sanner, Sungwook Yoon
Vol 12, No 3: Fall 1991 A Tale of Two Knowledge Servers Abstract   PDF
Randall Davis
Vol 12, No 3: Fall 1991 A Task-Specific Problem-Solving Architecture for Candidate Evaluation Abstract   PDF
Michel Mitri
Vol 32, No 3: Fall 2011 A Taxonomy for Generating Explanations in Recommender Systems Abstract   PDF
Gerhard Friedrich, Markus Zanker
Vol 4, No 2: Summer 1983 A Theory of Heuristic Reasoning About Uncertainty Abstract   PDF
Paul R. Cohen, Milton R. Grinberg
Vol 29, No 2: Summer 2008 A Too-Clever Ranking Method Abstract   PDF
Tim Oates
Vol 28, No 1: Spring 2007 A Tutorial on Planning Graph Based Reachability Heuristics Abstract   PDF
Daniel Bryce, Subbarao Kambhampati
Vol 14, No 1: Spring 1993 A Twelve-Step Program to More Efficient Robotics Abstract   PDF
David P. Miller
Vol 26, No 4: Winter 2005 A (Very) Brief History of Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Bruce G. Buchanan
Vol 3, No 4: Winter 1982 A View of the Fifth Generation and Its Impact Abstract   PDF
David H. D. Warren
Vol 34, No 2: Summer 2013 A Virtual Archive for the History of AI Abstract   PDF
Bruce G. Buchanan, Joshua Eckroth, Reid Smith
Vol 6, No 3: Fall 1985 A Visit to the Tsukuba Science Exposition Abstract   PDF
Thomas Marill
Vol 29, No 1: Spring 2008 A Web-Based Agent Challenges Human Experts on Crosswords Abstract   PDF
Marco Ernandes, Giovanni Angelini, Marco Gori
Vol 7, No 2: Summer 1986 AAAI 1986 Financial Statement Abstract   PDF
Vol 11, No 3: Fall 1990 AAAI 1990 Spring Symposium Series Reports Abstract   PDF
Vol 13, No 1: Spring 1992 AAAI 1991 Fall Symposium Series Reports Abstract   PDF
Vol 12, No 4: Winter 1991 AAAI 1991 Spring Symposium Series Reports Abstract   PDF
Vol 14, No 1: Spring 1993 AAAI 1992 Fall Symposium Series Reports Abstract   PDF
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