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Vol 32, No 4: Winter 2011 Introduction to the Special Issue on Dialog with Robots Abstract   PDF
Dan Bohus, Eric Horvitz, Takayuki Kanda, Bilge Mutlu, Antoine Raux
Vol 30, No 2: Summer 2009 Introduction to the Special Issue on IAAI 2008 Abstract   PDF
Mehmet H. Goker, Karen Zita Haigh
Vol 28, No 3: Fall 2007 Introduction to the Special Issue on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Bruce Porter, William Cheetham
Vol 29, No 1: Spring 2008 Introduction to the Special Issue on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
William Cheetham, Mehmet H. Goker
Vol 36, No 3: Fall 2015 Introduction to the Special Issue on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2014 Abstract   PDF
David J. Stracuzzi, David Gunning
Vol 37, No 2: Summer 2016 Introduction to the Special Issue on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2015 Abstract   PDF
David Gunning, Peter Z. Yeh
Vol 22, No 4: Winter 2001 Introduction to the Special Issue on Intelligent User Interfaces Abstract   PDF
James Lester
Vol 31, No 3: Fall 2010 Introduction to the Special Issue on Question Answering Abstract   PDF
David Gunning, Vinay K. Chaudhri, Chris Welty
Vol 19, No 1: Spring 1998 Introduction to this Special Issue on Innovative Applications of AI Abstract   PDF
Ted Senator
Vol 16, No 2: Summer 1995 Io, Ganymede, and Callisto A Multiagent Robot Trash-Collecting Team Abstract   PDF
Tucker Balch, Gary Boone, Thomas Collins, Harold Forbes, Doug MacKenzie, Juan Carlos Santamar
Vol 15, No 2: Summer 1994 Is Computer Vision Still AI? Abstract   PDF
Robert B. Fisher
Vol 19, No 3: Fall 1998 ISIS: An Explicit Model of Teamwork at RobotCup-97 Abstract   PDF
Milind Tambe, Jafar Adibi, Yaser Al-Onaizan, Ali Erdem, Gal A. Kaminka, Stacy C. Marsella, Ion Muslea, Marcello Tallis
Vol 25, No 2: Summer 2004 Issues in Designing Physical Agents for Dynamic Real-Time Environments World Modeling, Planning, Learning, and Communicating Abstract   PDF
Ubbo Visser, Patrick Doherty
Vol 11, No 4: Special 1990 Issues in the Design of AI-Based Schedulers: A Workshop Report Abstract   PDF
Karl Kempf, Claude Le Pape, Stephen F. Smith, Barry R. Fox
Vol 22, No 4: Winter 2001 It Does So: Review of The Mind Doesn't Work That Way: The Scope and Limits of Computational Psychology Abstract   PDF
Eric Dietrich
Vol 20, No 2: Summer 1999 JAIR at Five Abstract   PDF
Steven Minton, Michael P. Wellman
Vol 18, No 1: Spring 1997 Kansas State's Slick Willie Robot Software Abstract   PDF
David A. Gustafson
Vol 7, No 1: Spring 1986 KBEmacs: Where's the AI? Abstract   PDF
Richard C. Waters
Vol 15, No 3: Fall 1994 KDD-93: Progress and Challenges in Knowledge Discovery in Databases Abstract   PDF
Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Christopher Matheus, Padhraic Smyth, Ramasamy Uthurusamy
Vol 38, No 2: Summer 2017 Keeping it Real: Using Real-World Problems to Teach AI to Diverse Audiences Abstract
Nicole Sintov, Debarun Kar, Thanh Nguyen, Fei Fang, Kevin Hoffman, Arnaud Lyet, Milind Tambe
Vol 14, No 1: Spring 1993 Kicking the Sensing Habit Abstract   PDF
Matthew T. Mason
Vol 6, No 2: Summer 1985 Knowledge Acquisition from Multiple Experts Abstract   PDF
Sanjay Mittal, Clive L. Dym
Vol 8, No 2: Summer 1987 Knowledge Acquisition in the Development of a Large Expert System Abstract   PDF
David S. Prerau
Vol 6, No 1: Spring 1985 Knowledge and Experience in Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Bernard Meltzer
Vol 13, No 3: Fall 1992 Knowledge Discovery in Databases: An Overview Abstract   PDF
William J. Frawley, Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Christopher J. Matheus
Vol 11, No 4: Special 1990 Knowledge Discovery in Real Databases: A Report on the IJCAI-89 Workshop Abstract   PDF
Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Vol 12, No 3: Fall 1991 Knowledge Interchange Format: the KIF of Death Abstract   PDF
Matthew L. Ginsberg
Vol 26, No 4: Winter 2005 Knowledge Is Power: A View from the Semantic Web Abstract   PDF
James A. Hendler
Vol 22, No 2: Summer 2001 Knowledge Portals: Ontologies at Work Abstract   PDF
Steffen Staab, Alexander Maedche
Vol 4, No 3: Fall 1983 Knowledge Programming in Loops Abstract   PDF
Mark Stefik, Daniel G. Bobrow, Sanjay Mittal
Vol 6, No 1: Spring 1985 Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Rick Briggs
Vol 32, No 2: Summer 2011 Knowledge Transfer between Automated Planners Abstract   PDF
Susana Fernandez, Ricardo Aler, Daniel Borrajo
Vol 20, No 1: Spring 1999 Knowledge-Based Avoidance of Drug-Resistant HIV Mutants Abstract   PDF
Richard H. Lathrop, Nicholas R. Steffen, Miriam P. Raphael, Sophia Deeds-Rubin, Michael J. Pazzani, Paul J. Cimoch, Darryl M. See, Jeremiah G. Tilles
Vol 11, No 4: Special 1990 Knowledge-Based Environments for Teaching and Learning Abstract   PDF
Bevery Park Woolf, Elliot Soloway, William J. Clancey, Kurt Van Lehn, Dan Suthers
Vol 10, No 3: Fall 1989 Knowledge-Based System Applications in Engineering Design: Research at MIT Abstract   PDF
Duvvuru Sriram, George Stephanopoulos, Robert Logcher, David Gossard, Nicholas Groleau, David Serrano, Dundee Navinchandra
Vol 11, No 3: Fall 1990 Knowledge-Based Systems in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Abstract   PDF
Nicholas D. Stone, Bernard A. Engel
Vol 15, No 2: Summer 1994 Knowledge-Based Systems Research and Applications in Japan, 1992 Abstract   PDF
Edward A. Feigenbaum, Peter E. Friedland, Bruce B. Johnson, H. Penny Nii, Herbert Schorr, Howard Shrobe, Robert S. Engelmore
Vol 21, No 4: Winter 2000 Language, Vision, and Music: Report on the Eighth International Workshop on the Cognitive Science of Natural Language Processing (CSNLP-8) Abstract   PDF
Paul McKevitt, Conn Mulvihill, Sean O. Nuallain
Vol 22, No 1: Spring 2001 Language-Based Interfaces and Their Application for Cultural Tourism Abstract   PDF
Oliviero Stock
Vol 11, No 3: Fall 1990 Laps: Cases to Models to Complete Expert Systems Abstract   PDF
Joseph S. di Piazza, Frederick A. Helsabeck
Vol 39, No 1: Spring 2018 Large-Scale Occupational Skills Normalization for Online Recruitment Abstract
Phuong Hoang, Thomas Mahoney, Faizan Javed, Matt McNair
Vol 21, No 4: Winter 2000 Last-Minute Travel Application Abstract   PDF
Andre Hubner, Mario Lenz, Roman Borch, Michael Posthoff
Vol 27, No 1: Spring 2006 Launching into AI's "October Sky with Robotics and Lisp Abstract   PDF
Frank Klassner
Vol 33, No 2: Summer 2012 Learning by Demonstration for a Collaborative Planning Environment Abstract   PDF
Karen Myers, Jake Kolojejchic, Carl Angiolillo, Tim Cummings, Tom Garvey, Matt Gaston, Melinda Gervasio, Will Haines, Chris Jones, Kellie Keifer, Janette Knittel, David Morley, William Ommert, Scott Potter
Vol 34, No 2: Summer 2013 Learning Compact Visual Descriptors for Low Bit Rate Mobile Landmark Search Abstract   PDF
Ling-Yu Duan, Jie Chen, Rongrong Ji, Tiejun Huang, Wen Gao
Vol 29, No 2: Summer 2008 Learning from Noise Abstract   PDF
Martin Eric Mueller
Vol 3, No 2: Summer 1982 Learning from Solution Paths: An Approach to the Credit Assignment Problem Abstract   PDF
Derek Sleeman, Pat Langley, Tom M. Mitchell
Vol 6, No 1: Spring 1985 Learning Language Using a Pattern Recognition Approach Abstract   PDF
William Katke
Vol 18, No 2: Summer 1997 Learning Probabilistic User Profiles: Applications for Finding Interesting Web Sites, Notifying Users of Relevant Changes to Web Pages, and Locating Grant Opportunities Abstract   PDF
Mark Ackerman, Daniel Billsus, Scott Gaffney, Gordon Khoo, Seth Hettich, Dong Joon Kim, Ray Klefstad, Charles Lowe, Alexius Ludeman, Jack Muramatsu, Kazuo Omori, Michael J. Pazzani, Douglas Semler, Brian Starr, Paul Yap
Vol 24, No 4: Winter 2003 Learning Qualitative Models Abstract   PDF
Ivan Bratko, Dorian Suc
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