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Vol 24, No 4: Winter 2003 Model-Based Computing for Design and Control of Reconfigurable Systems Abstract   PDF
Markus P. J. Fromherz, Daniel G. Bobrow, Johan de Kleer
Vol 21, No 2: Summer 2000 Model-Based Diagnosis under Real-World Constraints Abstract   PDF
Adnan Darwiche
Vol 24, No 4: Winter 2003 Model-Based Programming of Fault-Aware Systems Abstract   PDF
Brian C. Williams, Michel D. Ingham, Seung Chung, Paul Elliott, Michael Hofbaur, Gregory T. Sullivan
Vol 15, No 2: Summer 1994 Model-Based Scientific Discovery: A Study in Space Bioengineering Abstract   PDF
Nichaolas Groleau
Vol 24, No 4: Winter 2003 Model-Based Systems in the Automotive Industry Abstract   PDF
Peter Struss, Chris Price
Vol 37, No 3: Fall 2016 Modeling and Language Extensions Abstract   PDF
Martin Gebser, Torsten Schaub
Vol 27, No 3: Fall 2006 Modeling Decision for Artificial Intelligence (MDAI 2006) Abstract   PDF
Vinc Torra, Yasuo Narukawa
Vol 11, No 4: Winter 1990 Modeling Design Process Abstract   PDF
Hideaki Takeda, Paul Veerkamp, Hiroyuki Yoshikawa
Vol 18, No 4: Winter 1997 Modern Masters of an Ancient Game Abstract   PDF
Carol Hamilton, Sara R. Hedberg
Vol 16, No 3: Fall 1995 Monster Analogies Abstract   PDF
Robert R. Hoffman
Vol 16, No 4: Winter 1995 Montreal Wrap-Up Abstract   PDF
Sara R. Hedberg
Vol 10, No 1: Spring 1989 Motivating the Notion of Generic Design within Information-Processing Theory: The Design Problem Space Abstract   PDF
Vinod Goel, Peter Pirolli
Vol 18, No 2: Summer 1997 Moving Up the Information Food Chain: Deploying Softbots on the World Wide Web Abstract   PDF
Oren Etzioni
Vol 29, No 2: Summer 2008 Moving Walls Abstract   PDF
Marcel Schoppers
Vol 33, No 3: Fall 2012 Multiagent Learning: Basics, Challenges, and Prospects Abstract   PDF
Karl Tuyls, Gerhard Weiss
Vol 19, No 2: Summer 1998 Multiagent Systems Abstract   PDF
Katia P. Sycara
Vol 22, No 2: Summer 2001 Multiagent Systems: A Modern Approach to Distributed Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Julie A. Adams
Vol 20, No 4: Winter 1999 Multiagent Systems: Challenges and Opportunities for Decision-Theoretic Planning Abstract   PDF
Craig Boutilier
Vol 29, No 4: Winter 2008 Multiobjective Optimization Abstract   PDF
Matthias Ehrgott
Vol 35, No 4: Winter 2014 Multirobot Coordination for Space Exploration Abstract   PDF
Logan Yliniemi, Adrian K. Agogino, Kagan Tumer
Vol 37, No 1: Spring 2016 My Computer Is an Honor Student — but How Intelligent Is It? Standardized Tests as a Measure of AI Abstract   PDF
Peter Clark, Oren Etzioni
Vol 19, No 4: Winter 1998 Naive Physics Perplex Abstract   PDF
Ernest Davis
Vol 13, No 4: Winter 1992 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Workshop on Monitoring and Diagnosis Abstract   PDF
Richard J. Doyle
Vol 25, No 2: Summer 2004 National Science Foundation Summer Field Institute for Rescue Robots for Research and Response (R4) Abstract   PDF
Robin R. Murphy
Vol 35, No 1: Spring 2014 Natural Language Access to Enterprise Data Abstract   PDF
Ulli Waltinger, Dan Tecuci, Mihaela Olteanu, Vlad Mocanu, Sean Sullivan
Vol 23, No 2: Summer 2002 Natural Language Assistant: A Dialog System for Online Product Recommendation Abstract   PDF
Joyce Chai, Veronika Horvath, Nicolas Nicolov, Margo Stys, Nanda Kambhatla, Wlodek Zadrozny, Prem Melville
Vol 1, No 1: Fall 1980 Natural Language Understanding Abstract
Avron Barr
Vol 9, No 1: Spring 1988 Natural Language Understanding and Logic Programming Abstract   PDF
Patrick Saint-Dizier
Vol 38, No 4: Winter 2017 Natural Language Understanding (NLU, not NLP) in Cognitive Systems Abstract
Marjorie McShane
Vol 15, No 1: Spring 1994 Navigating through the Frame Problem: Review of Reasoning Agents in a Dynamic World Abstract   PDF
Selmer Bringsjord, Chris Welty
Vol 9, No 2: Summer 1988 Navigation and Mapping in Large Scale Space Abstract   PDF
Benjamin J. Kuipers, Todd S. Levitt
Vol 33, No 3: Fall 2012 Negotiating Agents Abstract   PDF
Catholijn M. Jonker, Koen V. Hindriks, Pascal Wiggers, Joost Broekens
Vol 27, No 3: Fall 2006 NESTA: NASA Engineering Shuttle Telemetry Agent Abstract   PDF
Glenn S. Semmel, Steven R. Davis, Kurt W. Leucht, Dan A. Rowe, Kevin E. Smith, Ryan l O'Farrel, Ladislau Boloni
Vol 11, No 3: Fall 1990 Networks and Learning: MIT Industrial Liaison Program Abstract   PDF
Barry Kort
Vol 29, No 3: Fall 2008 Networks and Natural Language Processing Abstract   PDF
Dragomir R. Radev, Rada Mihalcea
Vol 22, No 2: Summer 2001 Neural Network Learning: Theoretical Foundations Abstract   PDF
John Shawe-Taylor
Vol 13, No 2: Summer 1992 Neurons, Perception, and Communication: Review of Images and Understanding: Thoughts about Images, Ideas about Understanding Abstract   PDF
Philip Swann
Vol 9, No 2: Summer 1988 New Hitech Computer Chess Success Abstract   PDF
Hans J. Berliner
Vol 9, No 1: Spring 1988 New Mexico State University's Computing Research Laboratory Abstract   PDF
Yorick Wilks, Rebecca Gomez
Vol 34, No 3: Fall 2013 New Potentials for Data-Driven Intelligent Tutoring System Development and Optimization Abstract   PDF
Kenneth R. Koedinger, Emma Brunskill, Ryan S.J.d. Baker, Elizabeth A. McLaughlin, John Stamper
Vol 33, No 2: Summer 2012 NewsFinder: Automating an AI News Service Abstract   PDF
Joshua Eckroth, Liang Dong, Reid G. Smith, Bruce G. Buchanan
Vol 11, No 1: Spring 1990 No Reliance Can Be Placed on Appearance: A Response to Kuipers (Letter to the Editor) Abstract   PDF
Varol Akman, Paul ten Hagen
Vol 32, No 2: Summer 2011 NPCEditor: Creating Virtual Human Dialogue Using Information Retrieval Techniques Abstract   PDF
Anton Leuski, David Traum
Vol 6, No 4: Winter 1985 Object-Oriented Programming: Themes and Variations Abstract   PDF
Mark Stefik, Daniel G. Bobrow
Vol 29, No 2: Summer 2008 Often, It’s not About the AI Abstract   PDF
Neil Jacobstein
Vol 20, No 2: Summer 1999 Old Sins and New Confessions Abstract   PDF
Patrick J. Hayes, Kenneth M. Ford
Vol 15, No 4: Winter 1994 On Babies and Bathwater: A Cautionary Tale Abstract   PDF
Patrick J. Hayes, Kenneth M. Ford, Neil Agnew
Vol 12, No 4: Winter 1991 On Being a Machine: A Review Abstract   PDF
Gabriel Valiente
Vol 4, No 2: Summer 1983 On Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Systems for Medical Diagnosis Abstract   PDF
B. Chandrasekaran
Vol 10, No 3: Fall 1989 On Interface Requirements for Expert Systems Abstract   PDF
Richard L. Wexelblat
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