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Vol 33, No 4: Winter 2012 Playing with Cases: Rendering Expressive Music with Case-Based Reasoning Abstract   PDF
Ramon López de Mántaras
Vol 35, No 4: Winter 2014 Power to the People: The Role of Humans in Interactive Machine Learning Abstract   PDF
Saleema Amershi, Maya Cakmak, William Bradley Knox, Todd Kulesza
Vol 20, No 1: Spring 1999 Practically Coordinating Abstract   PDF
Edmund H. Durfee
Vol 25, No 3: Fall 2004 Precisiated Natural Language (PNL) Abstract   PDF
Lotfi A. Zadeh
Vol 30, No 1: Spring 2009 Preference Handling - An Introductory Tutorial Abstract   PDF
Ronen Brafman, Carmel Domshlak
Vol 29, No 4: Winter 2008 Preference Handling for Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Judy Goldsmith, Ulrich Junker
Vol 29, No 4: Winter 2008 Preference Handling in Combinatorial Domains: From AI to Social Choice Abstract   PDF
Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, Jérôme Lang, Nicolas Maudet
Vol 29, No 4: Winter 2008 Preferences and Nonmonotonic Reasoning Abstract   PDF
Gerhard Brewka, Ilkka Niemela, Miroslaw Truszczynski
Vol 29, No 4: Winter 2008 Preferences in Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization Abstract   PDF
Francesca Rossi, Kristen Brent Venable, Toby Walsh
Vol 29, No 4: Winter 2008 Preferences in Interactive Systems: Technical Challenges and Case Studies Abstract   PDF
Bart Peintner, Paolo Viappiani, Neil Yorke-Smith
Vol 37, No 1: Spring 2016 Principles for Designing an AI Competition, or Why the Turing Test Fails as an Inducement Prize Abstract   PDF
Stuart M. Shieber
Vol 25, No 4: Winter 2004 Principles of Constraint Programming and Constraint Processing: A Review Abstract   PDF
Peter van Beek, Toby Walsh
Vol 12, No 4: Winter 1991 Principles of Diagnosis: Current Trends and a Report on the First International Workshop Abstract   PDF
Walter Hamscher
Vol 21, No 4: Winter 2000 Probabilistic Algorithms in Robotics Abstract   PDF
Sebastian Thrun
Vol 5, No 3: Fall 1984 Probability Concepts for an Expert System Used for Data Fusion Abstract   PDF
Herbert E. Rauch
Vol 2, No 1: Spring 1981 Problem Solving Tactics Abstract   PDF
Earl D. Sacerdoti
Vol 11, No 4: Winter 1990 Process Models for Design Synthesis Abstract   PDF
Mary Lou Maher
Vol 19, No 3: Fall 1998 Profile of a Winner: Brandeis University and Ullanta Performance Robotics' "Robotic Love Triangle" Abstract   PDF
Barry Brian Werger
Vol 19, No 3: Fall 1998 Profile of a Winner: Georgia Tech Abstract   PDF
Tucker Balch
Vol 19, No 3: Fall 1998 Profile of a Winner: Kansas State University Abstract   PDF
David Gustafson
Vol 19, No 3: Fall 1998 Profile of a Winner: McGill University Abstract   PDF
Gregory Dudek
Vol 17, No 1: Spring 1996 Programming CHIP for the IJCAI-95 Robot Competition Abstract   PDF
R. James Firby, Peter N. Prokopowicz, Michael J. Swain, Roger E. Kahn, David Franklin
Vol 31, No 3: Fall 2010 Project Halo Update—Progress Toward Digital Aristotle Abstract   PDF
David Gunning, Vinay K. Chaudhri, Peter E. Clark, Ken Barker, Shaw-Yi Chaw, Mark Greaves, Benjamin Grosof, Alice Leung, David D. McDonald, Sunil Mishra, John Pacheco, Bruce Porter, Aaron Spaulding, Dan Tecuci, Jing Tien
Vol 25, No 4: Winter 2004 Project Halo: Towards a Digital Aristotle Abstract   PDF
Noah S. Friedland, Paul G. Allen, Gavin Matthews, Michael Witbrock, David Baxter, Jon Curtis, Blake Shepard, Pierluigi Miraglia, Jurgen Angele, Steffen Staab, Eddie Moench, Henrik Oppermann, Dirk Wenke, David Israel, Vinay Chaudhri, Bruce Porter, Ken Barker, James Fan, Shaw Yi Chaw, Peter Yeh, Dan Tecuci, Peter Clark
Vol 9, No 3: Fall 1988 Prose Generation from Expert Systems: An Applied Computational Linguistics Approach Abstract   PDF
Perry Miller, Glenn Rennels
Vol 33, No 4: Winter 2012 PROTECT -- A Deployed Game Theoretic System for Strategic Security Allocation for the United States Coast Guard Abstract   PDF
Bo An, Eric Shieh, Milind Tambe, Rong Yang, Craig Baldwin, Joseph DiRenzo, Ben Maule, Garrett Meyer
Vol 32, No 2: Summer 2011 Providing Decision Support for Cosmogenic Isotope Dating Abstract   PDF
Laura Rassbach, Elizabeth Bradley, Ken Anderson
Vol 37, No 2: Summer 2016 PSINET: Assisting HIV Prevention Amongst Homeless Youth by Planning Ahead Abstract   PDF
Amulya Yadav, Leandro Soriano Marcolino, Eric Rice, Robin Petering, Hailey Winetrobe, Harmony Rhoades, Milind Tambe, Heather Carmichael
Vol 4, No 1: Spring 1983 Psychological Studies and Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Martin Ringle
Vol 31, No 2: Summer 2010 Pushing the Limits of Rational Agents: The Trading Agent Competition for Supply Chain Management Abstract   PDF
John Collins, Wolfgang Ketter, Norman Sadeh
Vol 29, No 2: Summer 2008 Putting Intelligent Characters to Work Abstract   PDF
Barbara Hayes-Roth
Vol 24, No 4: Winter 2003 Qualitative Modeling in Education Abstract   PDF
Bert Bredeweg, Kenneth D. Forbus
Vol 14, No 1: Spring 1993 Qualitative Reasoning about Physical Systems with Multiple Perspective Abstract   PDF
Zheng-Yang Liu
Vol 24, No 4: Winter 2003 Qualitative Reasoning about Population and Community Ecology Abstract   PDF
Paulo Salles, Bert Bredeweg
Vol 7, No 1: Spring 1986 Qualitative Reasoning for Financial Assessments: A Prospectus Abstract   PDF
Peter E. Hart, Amos Barzilay, Richard O. Duda
Vol 37, No 2: Summer 2016 Qualitative Reasoning: Everyday, Pervasive, and Moving Forward — A Report on QR-15 Abstract   PDF
Scott Friedman, Ann Kate Lockwood
Vol 25, No 3: Fall 2004 Qualitative Spatial Reasoning about Sketch Maps Abstract   PDF
Kenneth D. Forbus, Jeffrey Usher, Vernell Chapman
Vol 24, No 4: Winter 2003 Qualitative Spatial Reasoning Extracting and Reasoning with Spatial Aggregates Abstract   PDF
Chris Bailey-Kellogg, Feng Zhao
Vol 14, No 4: Winter 1993 Quality and Knowledge in Software Engineering Abstract   PDF
Stu Burton, Kent Swanson, Lisa Leonard
Vol 18, No 2: Summer 1997 Question Answering from Frequently Asked Question Files: Experiences with the FAQ FINDER System Abstract   PDF
Robin D. Burke, Kristian J. Hammond, Vladimir Kulyukin, Steven L. Lytinen, Noriko Tomuro, Scott Schoenberg
Vol 5, No 4: Winter 1984 R1 and Beyond: AI Technology Transfer at Digital Equipment Corporation Abstract   PDF
Stephen Polit
Vol 5, No 3: Fall 1984 R1 Revisited: Four Years in the Trenches Abstract   PDF
Judith Bachant, John McDermott
Vol 2, No 2: Fall 1981 R1: The Formative Years Abstract   PDF
John McDermott
Vol 19, No 2: Summer 1998 Ramon Lull and the Infidels Abstract   PDF
Clark Glymour, Kenneth M. Ford, Patrick J. Hayes
Vol 21, No 4: Winter 2000 Ramp Activity Expert System for Scheduling and Coordination at an Airport Abstract   PDF
Geun-Sik Jo, Jong-Jin Jung, Ji-Hoon Koo, Sang-Ho Hyun
Vol 24, No 2: Summer 2003 Ray Reiter's Knowledge in Action: A Review Abstract   PDF
Drew McDermott
Vol 31, No 1: Spring 2010 RealScape: Metropolitan Fixed Assets Change Judgment by Pixel-by-pixel Stereo Processing of Aerial Photographs Abstract   PDF
Hirokazu Koizumi, Hiroyuki Yagyu, Kazuaki Hashizume, Toshiyuki Kamiya, Kazuo Kunieda, Hideo Shimazu
Vol 37, No 4: Winter 2016 Real-Time Coordination in Human-Robot Interaction Using Face and Voice Abstract   PDF
Gabriel Skantze
Vol 9, No 1: Spring 1988 Real-Time Knowledge-Based Systems Abstract   PDF
Thomas J. Laffey, Preston A. Cox, James L. Schmidt, Simon M. Kao, Jackson Y. Readk
Vol 33, No 3: Fall 2012 Real-Time Strategy Game Competitions Abstract   PDF
Michael Buro, David Churchill
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