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Vol 1, No 1: Fall 1980 Welcome to AI Magazine Abstract
Alan M. Thompson
Vol 9, No 3: Fall 1988 What AI Can Do for Battle Management: A Report of the First AAAI Workshop on AI Applications to Battle Management Abstract   PDF
R. Peter Bonasso
Vol 9, No 1: Spring 1988 What AI Practitioners Should Know about the Law Part One Abstract   PDF
Steven J. Frank
Vol 9, No 2: Summer 1988 What AI Pratitioners Should Know about the Law Part Two Abstract   PDF
Steven J. Frank
Vol 19, No 1: Spring 1998 What Are Intelligence? And Why? 1996 AAAI Presidential Address Abstract   PDF
Randall Davis
Vol 27, No 4: Winter 2006 What Do We Know about Knowledge? Abstract   PDF
Bruce G. Buchanan
Vol 36, No 4: Winter 2015 What Do You Need to Know to Use a Search Engine? Why We Still Need to Teach Research Skills Abstract   PDF
Daniel M. Russell
Vol 21, No 4: Winter 2000 What Does the Future Hold? Abstract   PDF
Howard Shrobe
Vol 10, No 2: Summer 1989 What If AI Succeeds? The Rise of the Twenty-First Century Artilect Abstract   PDF
Hugo de Garis
Vol 14, No 1: Spring 1993 What Is a Knowledge Representation? Abstract   PDF
Randall Davis, Howard Shrobe, Peter Szolovits
Vol 8, No 4: Winter 1987 What Is AI, Anyway? Abstract   PDF
Roger C. Schank
Vol 4, No 3: Fall 1983 What Is Rational Psychology? Toward a Modern Mental Philosophy Abstract   PDF
Jon Doyle
Vol 3, No 1: Spring 1982 What Is the Well-Dressed AI Educator Wearing Now? Abstract   PDF
Alan Bundy
Vol 33, No 4: Winter 2012 What Question Would Turing Pose Today? Abstract   PDF
Barbara Grosz
Vol 4, No 4: Winter 1983 What Should Artificial Intelligence Want from the Supercomputers? Abstract   PDF
Jon Doyle
Vol 20, No 3: Fall 1999 When and Where Will AI Meet Robotics? Issues in Representation Abstract   PDF
Ruzena Bajscy, Edward W. Large
Vol 24, No 3: Fall 2003 Where Are the Semantics in the Semantic Web? Abstract   PDF
Michael Uschold
Vol 12, No 4: Winter 1991 Where's the AI? Abstract   PDF
Roger C. Schank
Vol 26, No 4: Winter 2005 Whither AI: Identity Challenges of 1993-95 Abstract   PDF
Barbara J. Grosz
Vol 3, No 4: Winter 1982 Why People Think Computers Can't Abstract   PDF
Marvin L. Minsky
Vol 30, No 4: Winter 2009 Why Programming-By-Demonstration Systems Fail: Lessons Learned for Usable AI Abstract   PDF
Tessa Lau
Vol 36, No 1: Spring 2015 Why the Data Train Needs Semantic Rails Abstract   PDF
Krzysztof Janowicz, Frank van Harmelen, James A. Hendler, Pascal Hitzler
Vol 37, No 1: Spring 2016 Why We Need a Physically Embodied Turing Test and What It Might Look Like Abstract   PDF
Charles L. Ortiz, Jr
Vol 38, No 4: Winter 2017 Will There Be Superintelligence and Would It Hate Us? Abstract
Yorick Wilks
Vol 17, No 1: Spring 1996 Woody Bledsoe: His Life and Legacy Abstract   PDF
Michael Ballantyne, Robert S. Boyer, Larry Hines
Vol 11, No 4: Special 1990 Workshop on Defeasible Reasoning with Specificity and Multiple Inheritance Abstract   PDF
R. P. Loui
Vol 21, No 1: Spring 2000 Workshop on Intelligent Information Integration (III-99) Abstract   PDF
Dieter Fensel, Craig Knoblock, Nicholas Kushmerick, Marie-Christine Rousset
Vol 8, No 1: Spring 1987 Workshop on the Foundations of AI: Final Report Abstract   PDF
Derek Partridge
Vol 35, No 2: Summer 2014 Workshops Held at the First AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing: A Report Abstract   PDF
Tatiana Josephy, Matt Lease, Praveen Paritosh, Markus Krause, Mihai Georgescu, Michael Tjalve, Daniela Braga
Vol 35, No 2: Summer 2014 Workshops Held at the Ninth Annual AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE): A Report Abstract   PDF
Antonios Liapis, Michael Cook, Adam M. Smith, Gillian Smith, Alexander Zook, Mei Si, Marc Cavazza, Philippe Pasquier
Vol 18, No 2: Summer 1997 Worldwide Perspectives and Trends in Expert Systems: An Analysis Based on the Three World Congresses on Expert Systems Abstract   PDF
Jay Liebowitz
Vol 37, No 1: Spring 2016 WWTS (What Would Turing Say?) Abstract   PDF
Douglas B. Lenat
Vol 2, No 2: Fall 1981 Yale Artificial Intelligence Project (Research in Progress) Abstract   PDF
Gregg Collins
Vol 8, No 1: Spring 1987 Yanli: A Powerful Natural Language Front-End Tool Abstract   PDF
John C. Glasgow
Vol 18, No 1: Spring 1997 Yoda: The Young Observant Discovery Agent Abstract   PDF
Wei-Min Shen, Jafar Adibi, Bongham Cho, Gal Kaminka, Jihie Kim, Behnam Salemi, Sheila Tejada
Vol 29, No 2: Summer 2008 You Recommended What? Abstract   PDF
John Riedl
Vol 30, No 3: Fall 2009 YQX Plays Chopin Abstract   PDF
Gerhard Widmer, Sebastian Flossmann, Maarten Grachten
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