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Vol 30, No 4: Winter 2009 User Interface Goals, AI Opportunities Abstract   PDF
Henry Lieberman
Vol 34, No 2: Summer 2013 User-Centric Indoor Air Quality Monitoring on Mobile Devices Abstract   PDF
Yifei Jiang, Kun Li, Ricardo Piedrahita, Xiang Yun, Lei Tian, Omkar M. Mansata, Qin Lv, Robert P. Dick, Michael Hannigan, Li Shang
Vol 29, No 4: Winter 2008 User-Involved Preference Elicitation for Product Search and Recommender Systems Abstract   PDF
Pearl Pu, Li Chen
Vol 27, No 2: Summer 2006 Using 4D/RCS to Address AI Knowledge Integration Abstract   PDF
Craig Schlenoff, Jim Albus, Elena Messina, Anthony J. Barbera, Raj Madhavan, Stephen Balakirsky
Vol 38, No 2: Summer 2017 Using AI to Teach AI: Lessons from an Online AI Class Abstract
Ashok K. Goel, David A. Joyner
Vol 35, No 1: Spring 2014 Using Analogy to Cluster Hand-Drawn Sketches for Sketch-Based Educational Software Abstract   PDF
Maria D. Chang, Kenneth D. Forbus
Vol 17, No 3: Fall 1996 Using Anytime Algorithms in Intelligent Systems Abstract   PDF
Shlomo Zilberstein
Vol 17, No 4: Winter 1996 Using Artificial Neural Networks to Predict the Quality and Performance of Oil-Field Cements Abstract   PDF
P. V. Coveney, P. Fletcher, T. L. Hughes
Vol 27, No 1: Spring 2006 Using Educational Robotics to Motivate Complete AI Solutions Abstract   PDF
Lloyd Greenwald, Donovan Artz, Yogi Mehta, Babak Shirmohammadi
Vol 30, No 1: Spring 2009 Using Game Theory for Los Angeles Airport Security Abstract   PDF
James Pita, Manish Jain, Fernando Ordóñez, Christopher Portway, Milind Tambe, Craig Western, Praveen Paruchuri, Sarit Kraus
Vol 38, No 1: Spring 2017 Using Global Constraints to Automate Regression Testing Abstract   PDF
Arnaud Gotlieb, Dusica Marijan
Vol 16, No 1: Spring 1995 Using Knowledge in Its Context: Report on the IJCAI-93 Workshop Abstract   PDF
Patrick Brezillon, Suhayya Abu-Hakima
Vol 25, No 1: Spring 2004 Using Machine Learning to Design and Interpret Gene-Expression Microarrays Abstract   PDF
Michael Molla, Michael Waddell, David Page, Jude Shavlik
Vol 31, No 4: Winter 2010 Using Mechanism Design to Prevent False-Name Manipulations Abstract   PDF
Vincent Conitzer, Makoto Yokoo
Vol 21, No 3: Fall 2000 Using Reactive and Adaptive Behaviors to Play Soccer Abstract   PDF
Vincent Hugel, Patrick Bonnin, Pierre Blazevic
Vol 21, No 1: Spring 2000 Using Robot Competitions to Promote Intellectual Development Abstract   PDF
Robin R. Murphy
Vol 36, No 1: Spring 2015 Using Semantics and Statistics to Turn Data into Knowledge Abstract   PDF
Jay Pujara, Hui Miao, Lise Getoor, William W. Cohen
Vol 1, No 1: Fall 1980 Utterance and Objective: Issues in Natural Language Communication Abstract
Barbara J. Grosz
Vol 9, No 2: Summer 1988 Various Views on Spatial Prepositions Abstract   PDF
Gudula Retz-Schmidt
Vol 19, No 3: Fall 1998 Verification and Validation of Knowledge-Based Systems: Report on Two 1997 Events Abstract   PDF
Grigoris Antoniou, Frank van Harmelen, Robert Plant, Jan Vanthienen
Vol 8, No 2: Summer 1987 Viewing the History of Science as Compiled Hindsight Abstract   PDF
Lindley Darden
Vol 34, No 4: Winter 2013 Virtual Humans for Learning Abstract   PDF
William Swartout, Ron Artstein, Eric Forbell, Susan Foutz, H. Chad Lane, Belinda Lange, Jacquelyn Ford Morie, Albert Skip Rizzo, David Traum
Vol 21, No 1: Spring 2000 Vision, Strategy, and Localization Using the Sony Robots at RoboCup-98 Abstract   PDF
Masahiro Fujita, Manuela M. Veloso, William Uther, Minoru Asada, Hiroaki Kitano, Vincent Hugel, Patrick Bonnin, Jean-Christophe Bouramoue, Pierre Blazevic
Vol 26, No 3: Fall 2005 VModel: A Visual Qualitative Modeling Environment for Middle-school Students Abstract   PDF
Kenneth D. Forbus, Karen Carney, Bruce L. Sherin, Leo C. Ureel II
Vol 9, No 1: Spring 1988 VT: An Expert Elevator Designer That Uses Knowledge-Based Backtracking Abstract   PDF
Sandra Marcus, Jeffrey Stout, John McDermott
Vol 8, No 4: Winter 1987 VT: An Expert Elevator Designer That Uses Knowledge-Based Backtracking Abstract   PDF
Sandra Marcus, Jeffrey Stout, John McDermott
Vol 38, No 2: Summer 2017 WatsonPaths: Scenario-Based Question Answering and Inference over Unstructured Information Abstract
Adam Lally, Sugato Bagchi, Michael A. Barborak, David W. Buchanan, Jennifer Chu-Carroll, David A. Ferrucci, Michael R. Glass, Aditya Kalyanpur, Erik T. Mueller, J. William Murdock, Siddharth Patwardhan, John M. Prager
Vol 5, No 3: Fall 1984 We Need Better Standards for Artificial Intelligence Research: President's Message Abstract   PDF
John McCarthy
Vol 24, No 3: Fall 2003 WEBODE in a Nutshell Abstract   PDF
Julio Cesar Arpirez, Oscar Corcho, Mariano Fernandez-Lopez, Asuncion Gomez-Perez
Vol 1, No 1: Fall 1980 Welcome to AI Magazine Abstract
Alan M. Thompson
Vol 9, No 3: Fall 1988 What AI Can Do for Battle Management: A Report of the First AAAI Workshop on AI Applications to Battle Management Abstract   PDF
R. Peter Bonasso
Vol 9, No 1: Spring 1988 What AI Practitioners Should Know about the Law Part One Abstract   PDF
Steven J. Frank
Vol 9, No 2: Summer 1988 What AI Pratitioners Should Know about the Law Part Two Abstract   PDF
Steven J. Frank
Vol 19, No 1: Spring 1998 What Are Intelligence? And Why? 1996 AAAI Presidential Address Abstract   PDF
Randall Davis
Vol 27, No 4: Winter 2006 What Do We Know about Knowledge? Abstract   PDF
Bruce G. Buchanan
Vol 36, No 4: Winter 2015 What Do You Need to Know to Use a Search Engine? Why We Still Need to Teach Research Skills Abstract   PDF
Daniel M. Russell
Vol 21, No 4: Winter 2000 What Does the Future Hold? Abstract   PDF
Howard Shrobe
Vol 10, No 2: Summer 1989 What If AI Succeeds? The Rise of the Twenty-First Century Artilect Abstract   PDF
Hugo de Garis
Vol 14, No 1: Spring 1993 What Is a Knowledge Representation? Abstract   PDF
Randall Davis, Howard Shrobe, Peter Szolovits
Vol 8, No 4: Winter 1987 What Is AI, Anyway? Abstract   PDF
Roger C. Schank
Vol 4, No 3: Fall 1983 What Is Rational Psychology? Toward a Modern Mental Philosophy Abstract   PDF
Jon Doyle
Vol 3, No 1: Spring 1982 What Is the Well-Dressed AI Educator Wearing Now? Abstract   PDF
Alan Bundy
Vol 33, No 4: Winter 2012 What Question Would Turing Pose Today? Abstract   PDF
Barbara Grosz
Vol 4, No 4: Winter 1983 What Should Artificial Intelligence Want from the Supercomputers? Abstract   PDF
Jon Doyle
Vol 20, No 3: Fall 1999 When and Where Will AI Meet Robotics? Issues in Representation Abstract   PDF
Ruzena Bajscy, Edward W. Large
Vol 24, No 3: Fall 2003 Where Are the Semantics in the Semantic Web? Abstract   PDF
Michael Uschold
Vol 12, No 4: Winter 1991 Where's the AI? Abstract   PDF
Roger C. Schank
Vol 26, No 4: Winter 2005 Whither AI: Identity Challenges of 1993-95 Abstract   PDF
Barbara J. Grosz
Vol 3, No 4: Winter 1982 Why People Think Computers Can't Abstract   PDF
Marvin L. Minsky
Vol 30, No 4: Winter 2009 Why Programming-By-Demonstration Systems Fail: Lessons Learned for Usable AI Abstract   PDF
Tessa Lau
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